Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hyperbiotics PRO 15

One of my favorite brands for health and wellness supplements as of late has been Hyperbiotics. And if it wasn't for Brand Backer, I would have never discovered them. Recently, I had the opportunity to try Hyperbiotic's PRO-15. I was a little reluctant trying a probiotic simply because I have never tried one before. Dubbed as being the #1 probiotic recommended by people, I just had to cave in and try it. So, what did I think?
Using superior technology, Hyperbiotics PRO-15 allows you to get 15 times more than the average probiotic. Living organisms live inside the intestinal tract and believe it or not, 80% of our immune system is in our stomach. PRO-15 targets the bad bacteria instantaneously by preventing it from coming in.
After using this product, I noticed that my energy levels were elevated. I also noticed that my mood improved, as well.
PRO-15 can actually help with weight loss, especially around your stomach area. It improves metabolism and targets the microflora around the midsection.
If you are looking for a product that is free of animal derivatives, you will love PRO-15, as it is 100% vegetarian.
Not only are these capsules both lactose-free and yeast-free, but they are gluten-free too. They also do not contain any sugar and are free of soy, nuts, and eggs.
This product is free of genetically modified organisms (or GMOs).
If you are allergic to Kiwi Fruit, you may not find this product appealing. Why? Because it's fortified with Kiwi Extract.
You can grab PRO 15 for $26.95 (originally $59.99) at Hyperbiotics Amazon store. Would I use this product again? Absolutely. Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes. For more information about Hyperbiotics PRO 15, simply click here right now.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Kiss Me Organics: Culinary Grade Organic Matcha

When it comes to green tea, I have to admit that I love it. Brand Backer recently offered an opportunity to try Kiss Me Organics Organic Matcha Culinary Grade Green Tea Powder. What did I think?
Matcha is great for mental alertness. Also, it works incredibly for concentration. In fact, many studies have been conducted that found this amazing ingredient to help promote focus and mental health too.
Matcha has proved to prevent strokes, as it works as a natural blood thinner.
This amazing ingredient has been known to lower the total cholesterol. It also works to lower HDL cholesterol.
Aside from promoting a healthy mental well being, it is great for a physical well being. Not only does Matcha boost metabolism, it's been said to burn actual calories.
Matcha is great for those who follow low carb/high protein diets, as it is great for those who are diabetic. It lowers fasting blood sugar.
This product is extremely adaptable. Not only is it great in drinks such as green smoothies or protein shakes, etc. it is outstanding to incorporate into your cooking. In fact, I just used some earlier today when I was making black quinoa. The flavor is natural yet potent, so a little goes a long way.
Containing 137x antioxidants, I think it's safe to say that this product is quality.
If you are going through chemotherapy and taking any drugs associated with this process, it is very important to check with your physician before using Matcha powder.
I am obsessed with this and once my sample is up, I definitely intend to buy this product.
For more information about Kiss Me Organics: Culinary Grade Organic Matcha, simply click here right now.

InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer

When it comes to trying new things, I am definitely up for it. In fact, I would rather test on myself than any animal. Recently, Brand Backer offered the amazing opportunity to try a product from InstaNatural, the Vitamin C Moisturizer. What did I think?
This moisturizer is fortified with Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and MSM. It also includes various plant stem cells and a peptide complex.
Our bodies do not product Vitamin C, so when it is applied it can oxidize on your skin. This product actually does not oxidize which makes me not only love it, but appreciate it much more so. Also, like what Vitamin C does to our system internally, it tends to do the same thing externally. Only this time, it fights DNA damage which I love.
There are a lot of natural ingredients and even quite a few organic ingredients. The glycerin in this product is kosher. This product was not tested on animals. Who doesn't love cruelty-free?
My skin tends to be combination, but leans towards the dry side this time of year. This moisturizer really benefited my skin the moment I applied it to my face. I really love how it makes my skin look, as well as, feel.
This moisturizer is only $19.97. It is very hard to find an outstanding vitamin C moisturizer for under $20.

This moisturizer is rather light. Almost like a serum. If you are into heavier moisturizers, you may not find this one appealing.


For more information about InstaNatural's Vitamin C Moisturizer, simply click here right now. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hyperbiotics Ultimate Immune System Formula

When Brand Backer offered an amazing sampling opportunity from Hyperbiotics, I have to admit I was very happy because I noticed virtually everyone around me was getting sick. And I am not talking about just a little cough here and there, I am talking about flu and the worst kind. The kind that rushes people to the hospital. I refused to be statistic, so of course I decided to try the Ultimate Immune System Formula the moment it showed up at my front door. So, what did I think?
I have been around people who have been extremely ill. In fact, the moment someone would cough, the next minute someone would catch it. After using this product, I have yet to get sick. I wash my hands and brush my teeth on top of taking this product, so I am not sure if this is the reason. Either way, I am convinced that this stuff is not "hocus pocus" and truly does work.
This product truly is one of the best immune supporting products I have ever tried in my life. For only $19.95 (originally $49.95), this is the best investment. Even if this were a $100, I would say it's still worth it. Especially if you work or go to school and are around people all of the time.
Plus, on top of being an immune system support product, it is also 100% vegetarian. It is gluten-free and egg-free too. There are no synthetic chemicals in this product. These supplements are also free of genetically modified organisms (or GMOs).
If you are not into taking pills, you may not find this product appealing.
For more information about Hyperbiotics Ultimate Immune System formula, simply click here right now.

Greenforce Labs NO2 Pre-Workout Review

When Brand Backer decided to offer the opportunity to sample a pre-workout, I was quite stoked considering I was in the process of working on my "Best in Beauty 2014: Pre-Workout" article for Examiner (where NO2 is currently featured). I had the opportunity to try this pre-workout. What did I think?
After trying this pre-workout, I noticed that my entire regime was intensified. Fortified with Beet Root Extract, Arginine, Vitamin B-3, and Vitamin B12; this pre-workout really delivers the ultimate all-in-one workout solution.
I love the idea that this product contains Beet Root Extract simply because there are a lot of benefits with this particular ingredient. One of the things that I found fascinating is the fact that it increases blood flow and actually helps with pain management, as well.
The energy I endured after taking the recommended dosage is outstanding. I never felt any weird jitters and I have noticed results after a week of using this pre-workout.
For just $24.95, you get 120 capsules (originally $59.95). A pre-workout for under $40 let alone $30 is quite rare. This is considerably an affordable product that is highly effective.
This product is manufactured in the United States, in an FDA registered facility. This facility is GMP and NSF certified.
Although some of the ingredients are natural, it is a lab created product. If you are into natural products, you are not going to find this pre-workout appealing.
If you are not into taking supplements and prefer the standard pre-workout mix drink, then you may not find this Greenforce Labs addition interesting.

For more information about the Greenforce Labs NO2 Pre-Workout, simply click here right now.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Can you believe it's Christmas? After months of waiting for the big day to arrive, it is finally here. Right now I am attempting to make a kringle, but I am unsure how it is going to turn out. I think I am a little ambitious. I know, I haven't been blogging as I should be and I do apologize.
I know being busy should no longer be an excuse, as I am in the process of several things which include working full time until January 2015 before making my permanent move to Pennsylvania from Montana to live with my amazing soul mate and best friend, Joe, along with writing for Examiner and AXS. I have had to endure quite a few things so far, but so far so good.
On top of that, I am working with several companies/people on future projects for 2015. Although I don't want to tell you everything (and I do have a habit of doing this sometimes because I get excited and think so far ahead), I will say that one of them includes an amazing partnership with one of my favorite vegetarian food brands where I will attend an online culinary arts school and use their products to create and execute recipes.
There are a lot of things just getting started, as there are a lot of things coming, so expect the unexpected. I do apologize for not blogging as much as I should be, but I promise when I get everything settled, you can expect me to blog much more. In the meantime, check out my "Best in Beauty 2014 Awards".
On that note: Merry Christmas everyone. May your days be happy, joyful, cheery and as bright as you are.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Shopping 2014: Baby Quasar

Pure Rayz from Baby Quasar.
Baby Quasar offers some of the greatest in-home LED light therapy devices you will ever use. Whether you are looking to a product to help reduce acne or rosacea (blue light therapy) or simply looking for an anti-aging light which will stimulate collagen production, the Baby Quasar is perfect. It has also been approved and evaluated by the FDA.
The devices include: Quasar MD Plus (Baby Quasar's most powerful LED red light therapy system), Quasar MD Blue (Baby Quasar's most powerful LED blue light therapy system), Baby Quasar Plus (available in both red and blue LED light therapy), Pure Rayz (anti-aging red light therapy device), Clear Rayz (acne blue light therapy device), and an array of serums and creams.
Every Baby Quasar includes a warranty. Lifetime for the MD and the Baby Quasar Plus devices and 5 years for the Pure and Clear Rayz devices.
Check out my review here about the Pure Rayz device.
Throughout the holidays, you can enjoy the following offers from Baby Quasar:
Get 15% off right now by using code: SARAH2014.
Free shipping.
To get started shopping at Baby Quasar, simply click here.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Fashion Talk with Trinh Pham: Interview with Sexy Dresses

Sexy Dresses is an online retailer that carries an array of fashion-foward dresses for a great price. With everything from cocktail dresses to bandage dresses, Sexy Dresses has it all. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Trinh T. Pham, the marketing director of the store. Here is what he had to say...

(Q) Hello. How are you? Tell me a little more about SexyDresses.com...

I am doing very well, that you for asking! Well, SexyDresses.com is a place where women visit to find that perfect dress! Whether it’s for a baby shower, a high school prom, or a birthday celebration, we strive to make it a one-stop shop for dresses and shoes, which is why, carry a selection that will accommodate events of all types, but more importantly women of all ages! Aside from what we carry, we want Sexydresses.com to feel as if you’ve got a friend that will give you the most honest advice; it isn’t about just making a sale or doing a job then going home we have available chat stylists that love to give advice on what dress will accommodate which shoe, and phone representatives that are there to make any last minute order changes or assist a customer in placing an order. We want the customer to feel like they’ve got a buddy on the other end.

(Q) When it comes to the Sexy Dresses, you offer some of the hautest fashion couture for less. I have to ask, what does fashion mean for you?
Definitely! For me, fashion is fun! The good thing about the aesthetics of fashion is that it’s universal. Fashion doesn’t know race, it doesn’t know gender. Yes, its articles of clothing, but the clothing doesn’t define you, it enhances you! I feel if your personality is reflected through your style and clothing, then it shows it shows in the way you walk, and in the way you talk. We do know fashion can get a bit out of hand sometimes, girls will buy the next hottest trend, just because Rihanna wore it to the Cannes film festival or Kim Kardashian looks good in it, but you gotta’ ask yourself, are these high waisted shorts, or $150 pair of wedge heels who you truly are? If not, take it off and start over! That’s the good thing about fashion; you can always experiment until you find out what’s truly you.

(Q) Fashion trends tend to change frequently, as they vary upon both psychographic and demographic factors. I have to ask, what are the most popular trends right now?
Hmm, I feel that is quite difficult to pin point, since fashion trends are ever-evolving. One minute the high-waisted shorts are in, then the next floral everything is in. But for the sake of this interview, I’d say midi length dresses, sexy 2-piece sets, prints, and last but not least bandage dresses.

(Q) You have everything from bodycon and bandage dresses to classic sequin styles to various lace pieces and more. What is your biggest sellers right now? Tell me a little more about Sexy Dresses most popular dresses...
At the moment, our bandage dresses, as well as, our 2-Piece crop top and skirt sets are what’s really hot! We base our styles on not only what’s trending, but really, we base our styles on what our customers want, and even what they’ve actually asked to see! Which is another reason why we love our clients, we love that they are vocal and not afraid to ask for a certain style or other sizes, and we definitely encourage that!

(Q) It's a well known fact that sizes vary upon brand. If a woman shops on SexyDresses.com, how can she determine what size is right for her?

That is a good question! We definitely know that sizing uncertainty and inconsistencies are one of the main reasons why women or anyone for that matter refrain from shopping online, but we try our best to keep our sizing as consistent as possible, however, we know it may vary depending on the style, the cut, and materials used which is why we encourage our customers faced with a sizing dilemma to utilize one of our many contact features to get in touch with a stylist or a representative to inquire further.

(Q) You are always offering an array of incentives. You have sales often. I have to ask, when are your biggest sales?
Who doesn’t love a sale right? I would say our sales are random, but we have our major sales during the holidays, like for instance we had a $9.95 blowout sale on a large selection of items for Black Friday. But we try to make our sales unpredictable which is why we encourage our customers who love a good sale to sign up for our newsletter so they are the firsts to know!

(Q) For all of those fashion fanatics and enthusiasts reading this interview, what would you like them to know about SexyDresses.com? What is next for the store?
SexyDresses.com is still a growing company, we pride ourselves in providing quality products at affordable prices, but that is only from a business standpoint. What we want really care about are our friends, we want our customers to feel like they’ve got a friend on the inside, someone they can ask for advice or share their insecurities with. I know I’ve said that before, but I can’t stress that enough. We not only want our clients feeling like a million bucks when they slip on that Sexy Dress, but we want them to walk away satisfied with the entire transaction, and not just the dress. If you haven’t made up your mind on which dress to choose, chat with us! If you want a live-rep to assist you in placing the order because you don’t feel comfortable doing it, give us a call! And if we’re not there, leave a message! Messages will always be returned.

I feel our superb customer service and happy customers are what makes our company not good, not great, but AWESOME!

For more information, please visit www.sexydresses.com today!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Holiday Shopping 2014: Julep

I am a huge fan of Julep. In fact, one of my favorite nail polishes to date is "Oscar" (a stunning yet vibrant gold glitter) which you can see pictured below:

Julep's Oscar Nail Polish.

For Black Friday (11/28) through Cyber Monday (12/1) and throughout the entire holiday season, Julep is offering the following deals:

$1 select nail polishes. Use code: ONE. (Valid until 12/1)
Get 50% off select Julep holiday gifts. Use code: CYBERWOW. (Cyber Monday)
Get 40% off throughout the holiday season. Use code: SHOPEARLY.
Get a free Julep x RuMe tote when you spend $10 or more. Use code: RUMELOVE.
Get a stunning metallic wristlet stuffed with Julep goodies when you spend $35 or more. Use code: JUBILEE.
Get a 6-piece gift (a $120 value) free when you spend $35 or more. Use code: SHINETIME.
Get a free 4-piece set (a $56 value) with any purchase of $25 or more. Use code: CANTWAIT.
Get a free 4-piece nail set with any purchase. Use code: FROSTY. (dark red, plum, metallic silver polishes, etc.)
Get a free 4-piece nail set with any purchase. Use code: TREAT. (red, plum glitter, metallic polishes, etc.)
Get a free 4-piece nail set with any purchase. Use code: CHEERS. (silver, burgundy, glitter polishes, etc.)
Get a free gift with your purchase of $25 or more. Use code: FABFALL. (ongoing)
Subscribe to a Julep subscription and your first box is free. Use code: FREEBOX. (ongoing)
Sign up for newsletter/email and get a free gift. 
Get a free nail color when you sign up for a Julep subscription. (ongoing)

I know where I am going to be shopping now through the weekend. To get started shopping at Julep, simply click here or click the banner below...

Snow Day Welcome Box Offer