Thursday, November 26, 2015

Nordstrom is offering over 80 GWPs (Gifts with Purchases) for Black Friday 2015

As you may or may not be aware, Nordstrom is offering so many great deals this holiday season. Not only are they offering additional savings from their already marked down clearance, but Nordstrom is taking it up an extra notch this year and offering free shipping (no minimum), free returns, and price matching. They are also offering over 80 gifts with purchases this year along with three free samples of every single beauty purchase. Amazing right? To view the actual GWPs (or gifts with purchase) for Black Friday 2015, simply click here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Victoria's Secret: Love Red Lace with Nude Illusion

There is something that should be said about the color red and the holidays. In fact, I think the two go together. A lot like coffee and mornings and mood swings and menstrual cycles. Ok, well, maybe that isn't the best analogy when describing a Victoria's Secret bra and panty set that I purchased, but I think you kind of get the idea.
This is a new addition to the Very Sexy line. This is the new Satin & Lace push up bra. The Very Sexy push up bra in Love Red Lace with Nude Illusion (GP4). I really love the color because it's quite intense and vibrant yet isn't too cool or warm. Almost neutral, I want to say.
What attracted me to this particular bra and panty set was it's vintage yet modernized appeal. The mesh cups with the lace really caught my attention. I also love the nude illusion and the fact that it is red. Red is one of those amazing shades that just really embraces romance. It's a lot sexier in person than it is in the image, which is so very sexy.

Would I recommend this color? Yes. Would I recommend this style? Absolutely. I cannot wait until Black Friday and Cyber Monday and of course the days after, so I can use my Victoria's Secret Rewards cards. You are all the best and I hope you are having a wonderful day. Happy Holidays!

Victoria's Secret: Love Red Lace with Pirouette Pink Lace

Victoria's Secret doesn't even have to have a sale and yet I find myself there searching for my next shopping victim. What more can I say about Victoria's Secret? They offer some of the best bra and panty sets along with other great essentials including beauty essentials.  They also offer great customer service too.
Recently, I was able to grab the Dream Angels push up in Love Red Lace with Pirouette Pink Lace (HE0) along with the panties to match. I believe the color in collaboration with the style really embodies the holiday season in the most festive yet sensual way possible. The Love Red is more of a cool red than a warm red, yet is a true red shade. 
Just like my recent purchases (thank you to my amazing boyfriend Joe) the style, the color, and the gorgeous design is what caught my attention and basically lured me in to choosing this one over some of their other styles. Also, like the previous it's actually prettier in person. So far, I am loving Very Sexy and Dream Angels the best in terms of quality, style, and color over any of the lines within the Victoria's Secret brand.

 I also managed to grab a pair of their comfortable slippers for only $25 and their Coconut Milk Body Oil for under $10. I also grabbed the body butter which was under $10, but is backordered and if I remember correctly should ship soon (I will have to look into it).
Would I recommend this color? Yes. Would I recommend this style? Absolutely. Happy Holidays!

Victoria's Secret: Blue Sapphire Strappy Embellished + Citrus Squeeze Yellow with Silver Foil

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love Victoria's Secret. The brand has evolved into something magical, offering everything from the most beautiful bra and panty sets to some of the greatest beauty essentials and much more. I guess you could say that Victoria's Secret is a big enough brand that it also includes lines, including the famous PINK line which has now evolved into a brand all by itself.  
I am obsessed with Victoria's Secret and my favorite line right now is from the Very Sexy collection. I find that the bra and panty sets are exquisite and made incredibly for the price. I also love the colors and designs they offer, especially for the holidays. My most recently discovery is the Very Sexy push up bras in Blue Sapphire Strappy Embellished (39S) and the Citrus Squeeze Yellow with Silver Foil (4BE) with the panties to match.
The details of the colors with the designs are beautified and the embellishments and details work immensely as decorations towards the fashion. The colors leave so much to desire and look prettier than I imagined looking at the stunning photo on the website. The Blue Sapphire is very similar to a neutral yet warm blue and although it is bold, I would say it's a cross between a cool navy blue and a warm teal blue. The Citrus Squeeze reminds me of a vibrant yellow that mimics a pale lime green. Almost as if a yellow shade decided to join forces with a lime green yet not as bright as either, but still vibrant.

Would I recommend these colors? Yes. Would I recommend this style? Absolutely. Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Best lipgloss of 2015

As you are already aware, I was a content producer for a month-long Best in Beauty Awards event for, where I featured an array of beauty favorites. As a result, I produced over a hundred articles which dipped into everything beauty that went beyond makeup and skin care.
Lip gloss is one of my favorite beauty essentials. Not only does it hydrate the lips, but gives your lips a little bit of color with an amazing finish. Also, depending on the right one, your lip gloss can last long without having to reapply.
I have tried so many lip glosses this year, so after much contemplation, I was able to choose the best. For this year's Best in Beauty Awards I chose the following lip glosses as the best of 2015:
The Reader's Choice winner:
Social Media Choice winner:
Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss
Best-Selling Lip Gloss:
Read the Examiner article here.
Disclaimer: Affiliate links used.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Best BB Cream of 2015

For those of you that do not know, for this year, I featured a month-long "Best in Beauty" award event that consists of the best of everything beauty. Everything from your favorite makeup to your favorite skin care to even your favorite bath & body products and much more. I even dipped into hair, nails and fragrances along with technology and shopping too. I started publishing the awards on September 7th 2015 and October 9th 2015 is when the awards completed.
BB Cream (also known as Beauty Balm) is simply a beauty essential that consists of foundation, serum, moisturizer, primer, and sunscreen into one product. This beauty product originated from Korea and was made popular years ago before finding it's way here to the United States. It is for those of you that prefer a more natural face and enjoy something that is convenient and easy-to-apply too.
For this year's Best in Beauty Awards, I chose the following as the best BB Creams of 2015:
Laneige BB Cushion
The Reader's Choice winner is:
Read the Examiner article here.
Disclaimer: Affiliate links used.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Spring into Summer with 5 new lipstick shades from OFRA Cosmetics

Spring is here and Summer is near. As the season approaches, OFRA Cosmetics has decided to release 5 new long-lasting, liquid lipstick shades for their new Spring into Summer collection. These shades include: Las Vegas, Sao Paulo, Rio, Panama, and St. Tropez. You can view these shades here. To read more, simply click here right now.

Tips for preventing makeup meltdowns this Summer

Nothing is more annoying than suffering from the infamous makeup meltdown during the summer season. Not only is makeup meltdown aesthetically unappealing, it can create clogged pores, blackheads, and even promote acne. The great news is, there are several ways to avoid this tribulation during the next few months. Continue reading now. Just click here.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Voting for Examiner's 2015 Best in Beauty Awards

It is 2015. This year I am starting the Best in Beauty Awards a lot earlier than last year. Last year, I started in December. Although it makes a lot of sense to start them in December, there were too many distractions (for instance; the holidays) and therefore; the media attention received was very minimal.
I am going to review multiple products sent to me via press sample along with products I have purchased myself. For this year's awards, I am adding a "Readers Choice" portion, where you basically vote on your favorites and as a result, that particular product will get recognition.
The categories include:
-Face Powder
-Face Primer
-Setting Spray
-Makeup Remover
-Makeup Sponges & Applicators
-Face Brushes
-Eyeshadow Palette
-Eyeshadow Primer
-Eyelash Primer
-Eyelash Curler
-False Eyelashes
-Eye Makeup Remover
-Eye Brushes
-Lip Gloss
-Lip Plumper
-Lip Stain
-Lip Liner
-Lip Balm
-Lip Primer
-Lip Treatment
-Lip Brushes
MAKEUP (Nails)
SKINCARE (Cleanse)
-Face Wash
-Makeup Remover
-Cleansing Tools
SKINCARE (Moisturize)
-Night Cream
-Face Oil
-Face Mist
-Eye Cream
-Decollete & Neck Cream
-Lip Treatment
-Face Serum
-Eye Serum
-Face Mask
-Face Peel
-Red Light Therapy
-Blue Light Therapy
BATH & BODY (Shower)
-Shower Gel
-Body Scrub
-Bubble Bath
-Hand Wash
-Hand Scrub
BATH & BODY (Moisturizer)
-Body Lotion
-Body Oil
-Body Mist
-Hand Cream
-Foot Cream
BATH & BODY (Solutions)
-Stretch Marks
-Sagging Skin
-Loose Skin/Loss of Elasticity
-Dry Skin
BATH & BODY (Hair Removal)
-Shaving Cream
-Shaving Oil
-Hair Treatment
-Hair Removing Device
BATH & BODY (Other)
HAIR (Shampoo)
HAIR (Conditioner)
HAIR (Treatment)
-Hair Treatment
-Hair Oil
-Hair Loss
-Curls (Curly Hair)
-Texture (Fine Hair)
-Volume (Fine Hair)
-Shine (Dull Hair)
-Frizz (Dry Hair)
-Damage (Damaged Hair)
HAIR (Styling Products + Tools)
-Styling Products (Mousse, etc.)
-Hair Dryer
-Flat Iron
-Curling Iron
-Hair Styler
-Brushes & Combs
HAIR (Other)
-Hair Color
-Body Spray/Mist
MEN (Grooming)
-Shaving (Pre-Shave/After Shave)

I am also adding multiple selections for health and wellness. Such as best protein powder, pre-workout, etc. Basically everything Nutrition, Fitness, and Diet etc. I am also an Organic category too for even more chances to win.
In the comments below, I want you to post your favorites. I have the comments moderated, so they will not be published. This will allow me to surprise you all with what products end up as the Readers Choice, based on your votes and your votes alone.
Check out last year's Best in Beauty Awards. Simply click here right now.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

OAXIS launches Smart Wellness line on Pozible

For those of you that do not know, OAXIS is all about empowering those looking to life healthy and happy. Although they are known for their electronic products and services, they have recently proved that dipping into the health and wellness category is as unique as what they have created. Combining modern technology and an active lifestyle, OAXIS has managed to create some of the greatest products including those available through their newest Smart Wellness line.
OAXIS’ body analyzer, Bluetooth water bottle, and fitness bands can be ordered now on Pozible and will be available for purchase at in September. You can also enter the giveaway today, for the chance to win these amazing OAXIS additions.

The OAXIS Wellness line is available now until Saturday, August 15th. For more information about the OAXIS Smart Wellness line, simply click here right now.

Made in America Jewelry from Visible Interest

Visible Interest is an online jeweler that consists of modern pieces created by indie jewelers. With up to 20 pieces per jewelry, they are quite selective when it comes to individual pieces that they offer. Whether you are looking for luxury pieces or simply something fashionably en vogue, you are destined to not only love Visible Interest, but appreciate this place for what it is worth.
You can shop by category, by look, and by price. You can also check out designer profiles where you can not only learn about the indie designers, but actually see whether or not their pieces interest you.
Visible Interest is currently offers the following deals:
Get 15% off Stefanie Sheehan right now. Use code: SS15.
Get 10% off your order right now. Just click here.
Free ground shipping.

I really love Visible Interest, as the pieces are unique as those that not only love them, but appreciate them. As much as I love the luxury jewelry here, I am a huge fan of the fashionable jewelry.
To get started shopping at Visible Interest, simply click here or click the banner below...

Visible Interest