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The 25 Socialite offers for Breast Cancer awareness are all gone. Thank you everyone. You are the best! You can still place an order. Just visit: The Socialite Collection right now. *hugs*

Happy World Heart Day

"CardioVascular Disease is a huge issue and is growing rapidly through out the Female Population of the world. The rate and pace of growth are far greater than that of breast and ovarion cancer. We created this 'Heart Awareness' Socialite site to bring attention to such an important and often over looked issue." - from the Socialites.

The Socialite Heart Disease Awareness Mascara

The mascara also has matching:

* Lipstick
* Lip Plumper
* Bronzer
* Lip Glosses

The Socialite Collection

The first 21 (only) get a mascara plus a surprise gift for only $210 off.

Use Code: WorldHeart

About World Heart Federation...

The World Heart Federation is an international non-governmental organization, dedicated to the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease around the world. It is a membership organization that brings together the strength of the medical community with the public health community. Together with our members, we carry out our mission through four pillars of activity: We raise awareness of the burden of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors among the general public, health care professionals and policy-makers; We advocate for measures to address the rising global burden of cardiovascular disease, particularly in low- and middle-income countries; We carry out demonstration projects in specific low-resource settings, which can then be replicated; We share science and builds capacity, notably through our biennial congresses, our Foundations Advisory Board and our Scientific Advisory Board and Councils, as well as the continental networks of member organizations.

World Heart Federation

Friday, September 28, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - The Socialite Collection

The Socialite Collection celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month for October

The first 25 readers get, the:

* Lipstick An amazing lipstick that is soft gloss and inflused with Vitamin E.(pre-selected, soft gloss colors as seen on
The Socialite Collection )

* Mascara An amazing water-based, sensitive eye formula that dries to an incredible powdered finish. (Black or Brown)

* Lip Plumper An amazing lip plumper that plumps with cermacide. (Pink or Nude)

* Bronzer An amazing bronzer that is HAUTE.

All created in a private lab, by a private chemist, in the beautiful USA. You will also can get an upgrade on one item to full concierge! a nut shell $799 for everything, which equalizes over $2,500 worth of the Socialite Collection! You just cannot beat this deal and it is for an amazing cause.

Please visit to order right now. It is for a great cause.

Since it is for an amazing cause, you have the option of choosing white, pink, or red. After you have finished placing your order, you will be sent a Google checkout invoice via email. When you have finished, you can securely checkout online yourself. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact:

First 25 readers Only!!!!

Code: SABlogs
Update: SOLD OUT! Promotion is over. However; you can still purchase these items at their regular price. Visit - *hugs*

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Interviewing Taysha Smith Valez about The Socialite Collection

The Socialite Collection is the ultimate in both beauty and luxury. This amazingly haute collection is wrapped into an aura of class and style, destined to attract just about everyone. I recently had the opportunity to talk to the Miss Taysha Smith Valez about the Socialite Collection. Here is what she had to say...

"Socially conscious Socialite Collection…."WE PARTY With A PURPOSE! " EVERY DAY IS A PARTY & EVERYONE is INVITED….LOL!" - Taysha Smith Valez

Taysha: You know what happens when you assume...lolol...don't assume, ask...:) Smart people always ask questions, silly people assume...lololol. Assumptions are usually always 5000% wrong anyways, but it's cool. Our Socialite brand is socially conscious in everything we do. Everything from price, to offering, to distribution, to packaging, etc. The Puzzle Pieces Socialite Collection for Autism Awareness, The Hearts & Rubies Socialite Collection for World Heart Day & AIDS Awareness, Suzie B Loves Pink Socialite Collection For Breast & Ovarian Cancer, and so on. The "Social" in Socialite has many meanings. Above all else, the creator and creative is social yet very light...LOL! I don't socialize and when I do it's only among friends, clients, family, and stuff...

Taysha: The first 1700 sales of the socialite mascara and lippie went to a non profit that Help's to create more CEO's. Again , self reliant not waiting for someone, that's our motto..You know, partying with a purpose. The current Socialite's sold are for profit and they support American business. Everything from design to labs and all that. Although we own a plant in Canada, THE SOCIALITE Collection IS 100% AMERICAN. IT IS MADE HERE in the USA, with PRIVATE Companies and Collaborators. AS WE GROW, THEY GROW AND THEY EMPLOY those whom EMPLOY then acquire money/wealth to give money/wealth to spend money , to buy HAUTE things, etc. IT IS A CYCLE. PEOPLE DON'T SEE THAT, ALL THEY INVISION IS a SPOILED Scrudge MCTay.... LOLOL, with her pricey SPARKLE MASCARA...LOLOLOL!! SO WRONG AND ALMOST SAD, BUT HEY NO TIME FOR THAT. I've got 2 million socialites to sell!!..I figure mayballine sells 20 million mascaras a year..I know I can get 2 million...lololol. I just gotta do it my way...:) and it's working thus far. This brand also allows me to clear up what real socialites are about.

Sarah: What is a socialite? What are socialites?

Taysha: Real Socialites are lovers of people and "do gooders"...They throw parties with a purpose. Thier lives revolve around making others smile and taking people away from thier everyday grind, if only for a moment. That's what a socialite is. They jet set with a purpose.Well, at least my socialite friends do. I don't know about those other gals out there calling themselves "Socialites", they kind of cheapen the status! LOLOLOL...:) But...Am I a socialite? No not really...I only socialize with close friends. I feel safe like that...I will use my Social Butterfly friends to advertise and promote the brand...Being a socialite is a full time job and I already have 30 jobs, LOLOLOL...It is really fun, but it is a lot of work! :)

Taysha: This brand allows my party girl side to come out as well...All the events are yacht parties, high-end club parties, etc. from Manhattan to Las Vegas...It gives you an excuse to mix work and play...but my way...:)

Taysha: People get their famous bra maker panties in a bunch about the prices.LOLOL..Why? I don't know, and I am not being facetious...LOL! There is tons of value in The Socialite Collection. Tons!!...All of our haute brands actually! When we launched in the USA last year we offered 1700 clients lifetime lip and lash concierge. Just to see the mind set of the American client and BAM! ...all sold in 1 week...LOLOL!! We kept selling beyond the offer! Because the standard concierge is still 1 year. That is truly tons of value. What happened was people were in shock, because most have never been exposed to a Haute brand and I marketed to the masses so it's understandable, but I say get mad at the Bespoke collection, not the socialite...lololol or get mad at the TSV Estate collection, that has Lippies for 2k and mascaras for 4k and so on....$150-$1589 price points is small, yet grand in the grand scheme of HAUTE BEAUTY, but when you compare it to Prestige, Masstige, and Mass Beauty I can see how it sticks out like a missing finger nail. Honestly, it's more then a sparkly mascara when you really ASK. Most people don't ask questions, they just react...LOLOL. The ones that do ask, always seem to become new Clients. Now we all can't be crazy...LOLOL...*winking*

Taysha: The funny thing is most of the new Socialite clients can't wait to upgrade to other brands like: B.A.P Cosmetics, Aya & AMI, Taysha Smith Valez cosmetics, Germain Des Pres Beaute, by Bianca Belleza, and so on...:) Trust me, once you experience haute beauty, you'll understand. Oh and another thing, we do NOT go on and on with lab jargon and scientific jargon...We don't promise 26 year old face and body to a 56 year old...LOLOL! None of those stupid lies and things that most beauty brands promise...It's silly. WE promise Haute product, Haute service, and above all, the Haute feeling you feel every time you use it, The products are so beautiful, you can't help, but smile when you look at them ...:) So maybe that beautiful 56 year old will FEEL 26 again.

Taysha: Our chemists are private and our batches are small. It's a given that the formulas are wonderful and Fresh.. :) You must look at "haute" with a whole new frame of thought. We are not the other guys/gals . In fact, we don't even know them. To be honest, the only similarities is that we all sell cosmetics. But the reality is, we don't speak the same language...Haute is Haute, Prestige is Prestige, Mass is Mass, Masstige is Masstige..:) Simple as that!

Sarah: The Socialite Collection is truly a haute collection. I know everyone is dying to know about the exquisite collection, as myself is extremely interested in knowing more. What is the Socialite Collection?

Taysha: Well, it is a beauty line. It's the "Life of the Party" ya know. It's
actually our 2nd beauty brand ever. The first is TSV (Taysha Smith Valez Cosmetics), but that is by invite only. With the Socialite everyone is invited. The colors are universal, thepackaging is customizable, and of course extremely haute. It's a very social brand. Funny thing is it's Hcouture's most affordable Haute Brand! I truly believe that the socialite collection is within everyone's beauty budget. Whether it be that "once a year splurge" or a B-day gift or just because. It has all the essentials - Lippies, lip glossies, lip plumpers, bronzers, and mascara! :) Nothing more nothing less. The mantra for Socialite is "Every day is a Party & Everyone is invited" Now will they RSVP? Not sure. People tend to make things bigger then it needs to be. Its makeup for good sake. LOLOL.. :) Beautiful Beautiful make-up.

Sarah: Taysha, you have created and innovated an array of concepts. What made you create such an amazing concept? What made you come up with the Socialite Collection?

Taysha: Honestly it came to me while spending time with my friends at our house in Maui. Because I am not much of a Socialite (too busy working ...LOL) the time that I enjoy with my friends and family is cherished. We laugh a lot and we dance and sing really loud together. So honestly, everyday is a party, without actually going to the club. However; just because I don't socialize, that does not mean my "girls" don't . I have friends that party every night of the week! LOLOL .. Crazy AH! So I said let me make them a lippie and a mascara to take out and flash around at the clubs in NYC and Vegas. I made a set for each of my friends, added the standard HCouture concierge and BAM! it took off...LOLOL!! My friend took it to a few clubs in Vegas. People always stopped and stared and asked questions. When I went to Tokyo for a press conference we invited 400 people to a party etc. etc. and in order to get in they had to buy a Socialite mascara. To make a long story short ! SOLD!.. So the Socialite is purposely flashy. Its feeds that tacky flashy side of all of us. But, it's beautiful and there is absolutely nothing like it.

Sarah: This concept is so great Tay, as is the entire line. I definitely believe it is "haute". I have to ask, what makes the Socialite Collection so original?

Taysha: 1. It was a collection made for fun, for laughing, etc. Every time you wipe it out, it will remind you of only good times and things. 2. It's the first and only haute brand that is available to the masses. The media tries to make it out to be this "exclusive" offering and it's not. TSV is, as are our other brands, but not the Socialite. The Socialite Collection is for everybody. It's not special edition, it's the ONLY edition. 3. It has concierge. We throw "haute" parties, so yes, of course, you are treated like VIP.

Sarah: Which products are included in the Socialite Collection or which products does the Socialite Collection possess?

Taysha: The Socialite mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, lip plumper, and bronzer, etc.

Sarah: I've seen pink, I've seen red, I've seen green, and I've seen white, blue, orange, ETC. How many colors does the Socialite Collection have?

Taysha: 12 colors total and 11 social-cause collections total 21.

Sarah: If you could recommend several individual products from the Socialite Collection (including the haute you use on a daily basis) which products would you recommend?

Taysha: I would definitely recommend the bronzer, mascara, and any of the lip products, I prefer the Lip plumper.

Sarah: I absolutely love everything from mascara to lip plumper to lipstick and more. I am curious, what kinds of shades do the Socialite Collection actually possess?

Taysha: We have a private catalog of lippies and gloss colors thus is for Socialite concierge clients only. The lipstick without the concierge comes in standard Soft gloss socialite colors. As shown: Tease Me, Please Me, Party, & Vavoom , Sweet Lips...LOLOL. These lippie colors look great on every one. Our lip glosses are haute as well. We have all types of colors. Everything from soft colors to deep colors. The catalog is pretty extensive. :)

Sarah: What makes the Socialite mascara, as well as, Socialite lipstick and Socialite lip plumper much more amazing than the average product?

Taysha: Because it's haute, meaning the process. Small batches, as well as, pieced, amazing packaging, great smelling, quality ingredients, and haute concierge. All of those things make it and every other HCouture brands. Haute Haute Haute... :)

Sarah: Swavorksi Crystals, Diamonds, Gold, etc. I know some people assume that the Socialite Collection includes all of the above. I was wondering if you could clarify this?

Taysha: The Socialite collection is only made with Genuine Swavorski Crystal. Our TSV BESPOKE Beauty brands are/were the 18k gold and the Gems, and Diamonds and things, all of the stuff comes in. We do NOT sell special edition Socialite stuff. I hate the term "Special" edition. It implies that we won't be able to get it anytime we want it, as many times as we want it.

Sarah: There seems to be a lot of people who believe the $14 million mascara and lipstick are both part of the Socialite Collection or associated in some way. I remember speaking with you previously about this. I was wondering if you could elaborate more...

Taysha: The media surrounding the Socialite Collection is what provoked the $14 million dollar sale. But an item like that is only available through TSV Bespoke Beauty. There are no limits with that brand. No blue prints. We do whatever the client can dream up. That client wanted diamonds to museum so she said what the heck lets house them in the makeup! She was gonna buy diamonds anyway for her birthday.

Sarah: To anyone reading this interview, at this very moment, if you could inform the ultimate affluent about this amazing collection, what else would you like to say?

Taysha: This brand is NOT only for the super wealthy. No No Nope.. Stop the madness...people have handbags that cost more then this stuff and shoes too.. If you are a beautyista then the Socialite is one of the brands that you must have...Now TSV and the other brands are a whole nother other! LOLOL...those are on the pricier side, but still worth it...again Every day is a Party & everyone is invited ... :)

Taysha: Then after you become a part of the party we can work on a 11k lippie for you as well. You gotta start before you finish...

Taysha: The biggest misconception is that the Socialite is competing with prestige brands. NO way. We want mass numbers with this brand. We are talking Mayballiene numbers.. Prestige has nothing to do with us or any of our brands. Our super Haute brands are private and boutique, and our Socialite brand has since been a mystery, but it still more out there then any of our other brands. It's the party girl of the Haute Beauty Family. We are Haute and it is simple as that.

"Prestige sells products and promises, Haute sells services and experiences."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Interviewing David Klasfeld about Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics...

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Mr. David Klasfeld the CEO/Creative Director of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and here is what he had to say...

Sarah: Tell me a little about Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics...

David: First and foremost, we’re a cosmetic company that was created by professionals for professionals. Beyond that, we’re a company for anyone that values the quality and diversity in their products. We’re a reaction to an already over-crowded market that offers the consumer very little options, beyond the external packaging and marketing. At OCC, both formulation and innovation are the most important factors. We don’t want to be just another cosmetic company offering the same products in different packaging: we want to focus on bringing you the colors and textures that are missing from your kit. When we do introduce products or colors that already do have precedent in the market, we want to make sure it’s the best version of it that you’ve ever used.

Sarah: Taking you back to the company’s origin Dave, I am curious to know, as the CEO and Creative Director of OCC Cosmetics, what inspired you to create this amazingly fluent cosmetic company?

David: OCC has always been inspired by professional makeup solutions – the products that makeup artists are using backstage to solve the problems we’re confronted with on an every day basis. When we were first established back in 2004, we started with two lip balms, Tarred and Feathered, which were borne out of a situation exactly like this exactly. In the early part of the 00s, the trend in makeup couldn’t have been more natural. It was a reaction to the overly-defined makeup of the mid-to-late nineties. Women didn’t want to have hard-lined lips, contoured eyes, and penciled in eyebrows anymore, in fact they didn’t want to wear much makeup at all. On set, there was no lip colour neutral enough for the photographers I was working with. While even skin-toned lipstick registered as "too much" on camera, the models needed some sort of definition. I started mixing a little black eye pencil with a lot of clear gloss which I applied as lightly as possible with a brush, so I could shade and define the lips without adding color. Feathered was antithesis – for people with naturally pigmented lips, any product, even a clear gloss made them appear almost red on camera, and what I did was to lay down a natural matte, sheer white tone to mute out their natural color. It just made sense for all of this to evolve into products, and lip balm made more sense in terms of texture and flexibility of application. When we launched it, it was first popular with artists who worked in male grooming, even for newscasters say who, due to the HD revolution, absolutely could not look like they were wearing any makeup let alone lipstick. After some time, everyone fell in love the products, from models to brides.

David: As my freelance makeup career evolved, I started working more and more in commercials and advertising. Those were two areas of the industry that really embraced Hi-Definition video right away. I had already started airbrushing, but was never 100% satisfied with the options that were on the market. Even the better foundations out there were either notoriously dry or so wet-looking in their finish, that they required massive amounts of powder, which of course registered on camera. OCC Skin was our solution to that: an oil-free waterbase that maintained a natural matte texture, that looked no more dry or moist looking than good, healthy skin is naturally. Our color range, specifically our Loose Colours, was actually a by-product of OCC Ink, the body paint that we created for the line as well. We were looking for a shimmer particle that was refined enough to pass through an airbrush without clogging it, which was the bane of every airbrush makeup artists’ existence. From just playing with it in the lab, we realized that what we developed functioned so well even outside of the airbrush, that we couldn’t help but unleash it on the world. It’s multi-functional makeup, and people love for everything from eyeshadow to special f/x applications.

Sarah: I absolutely love the name. I don't know if it's because I am "Obsessive Compulsive" or not, hahaha. How did you come up with the Obsessive Compulsive concept or better yet, what made you come up with this awesome concept?

David: Thank you! That comes from the time I spent behind makeup counters prior to venturing out into my freelance career. People really can get quite OCDish about their makeup, which I think is actually a good thing, in a way. You find something good, something that works for you, and you become obsessed with it. The cosmetics industry can make the process of finding the right products for your skintone or lifestyle a harrowing experience at times – who hasn’t been intimidated by the cosmetic counter at some time or another? Beyond that, when you were lucky enough to find something that worked for you, you had to deal with the stress of it being discontinued, having its formula changed, or otherwise taken away from you, so to speak. Our company’s name is a signal to all those likeminded individuals out there that we take our makeup just as seriously as you do, but of course have a sense of humor about it at the same time. Like it says on our website, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Sarah: I don't wanna compare prestige and get into the standards of the cosmetic quo, however; I must ask, what makes OCC different or better yet, unique in comparison to most cosmetic brands?

David: Again, I’d have to say it’s our commitment to quality and selection. We’re only two years out of the gate for all intents and purposes, and the line is currently comprised of over 200 individual products including everything from eyeshadow and nail polish to airbrush makeup and special f/x palettes. There’s nothing in terms of colour out there that anyone’s looking for that we don’t have. And if you find something that isn’t, we add it. We value our customer’s feedback beyond anything. It’s almost a makeup collective in that regard – it’s not uncommon for any business to claim that the customer is the most important person in their company – well of course not, we don’t exist without them. But for us, it’s our customers who determine our direction. We don’t just market to them, we let them tell us what they need, and we’re very responsive. I try to address every email of the kind that’s directed to us personally, and people love to talk to us on MySpace! For whatever reason, people feel very comfortable being very expressive there, and it’s great. At the end of the day, for some reason, I still like talking about makeup, and I try to do it as much as possible.

Sarah: I would love to know about the type of people OCC attracts and individual demographics. Tell me a little your clients...

David: It’s the most mixed bag you’ve ever seen, and we couldn’t be happier about that. We pride ourselves on being all-inclusive and people really seem to sense that, and respond to that. Sure, we certainly have an aesthetic, but it’s not one that we enforce, by any means. So many lines seemed to want to predetermine their customer’s look, or to tell the artist what they need – we don’t do the talking – we listen, and respond appropriately. In terms of who’s using our products, and who they’ve been used on, it’s everyone from Carmela Soprano (HBO’s Edie Falco) to Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. And we love that!

Sarah: What do your clients say about Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics? What are some testimonials you would like to share?

David: The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and from an equally diverse crowd. Pat McGrath loves our Loose Colours and has used them on the runways at Fashion Rocks, Miss Sixty, and Christian Dior; OCC Ink (our airbrush body paint) is used behind the scenes at Universal Studios for their Beetlejuice and Horror Makeup Shows; Wendi Avignone uses all of our airbrush makeup behind-the-scenes for NBC’s Heroes. Our products have been used for the covers of WWD, American Salon, and Blink, and in ads for Target, Best Buy, and Tommy Hilfiger. And across the board, we’re always told it’s because the particular product is the best of its kind – to me, that beyond anything is the ultimate indicator of success.

Sarah: Dave, what can you say to these people about Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics or better yet, give me a few reasons why people should check out OCC?

David: Because you’re ready for something, different, better and new. Because you love colour as much as we do. And like our dual mottos say: Because you don’t need to be ‘made over’. Because you’re over the counter.

Sarah: That is definitely a reason to check out OCC for sure. Is there anything else you would like to add? :o)

David: I’d love to call attention to the fact that we’re working, along with several animal charities including PETA and the NYC Mayor’s Alliance, to re-examine the issue of Cruelty-Free Beauty. While this was uncommon less than a decade ago, several companies have jumped on the bandwagon. While that’s ultimately noble of them, its unfortunately usually because non-animal based testing has become more cost-effective. In some worst-case scenarios, it can also mean that the company no longer tests on animals, having already gotten all the testing necessary accomplished in their history, or that they’re simply distributing products manufactured by companies that may or may not test on animals, while they themselves do not. Some of these supposedly-Cruelty-Free lines even sell brushes and eyelashes made from fur that even the Fur Industry wouldn’t touch, and incorporate animal-derived ingredients (like Marine Oil, Lanolin, etc.) into their formulas. How they reconcile this is beyond me.

David: the end of the day, we’re not here to preach, and we’re not here to judge, and we’re certainly not going to dictate what is ultimately a very personal decision about what is and isn’t ethical. But what we’d like to do is raise consumer awareness by simply being honest. When we say Cruelty-Free, we mean it. We don’t test our products on animals, and we’d never do business with ingredient suppliers who do. To the consumer who that’s important to, myself included, they have that assurance.

David: Beyond that, we’re also working toward being the first all-encompassing Vegan color cosmetics lines. With skin care that’s a little easier, but some of the raw pigments out there are still-animal derived, so vegan color lines tend to be pretty limited. We’re working with our suppliers to find alternatives to these components. Currently, the line is 97% Vegan, and we’re looking forward to making it 100% in the near future. As to why: regardless of where you are on the issue, consumers have a right to know what’s in their makeup. Carmine, a deep red pigment common in lipstick and glosses, is derived from insects, and whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat eater, kosher, hallal, or without any dietary restrictions, I don’t think there are many people out there who want beetle juice in their lipsticks. By making the commitment that we have, at least they’ll know for sure that it’s not in ours.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
PH: 631-815-2426

Wine Toning Facial Mask

Wine Toning Facial Mask

5 oz. Wine (preferably Lambrusco wine, but any is optional)
3 oz. Sour Cream
1 tsp. Yogurt

Combine the wine, sour cream, and yogurt until the mixture forms a sort of "puree" but is thick enough, so it doesn't run off your face.

Once everything is combined, apply to the face and neck for about 25-30 minutes. Once the 25-30 minutes have lasped, rinse your face with warm water, followed by cool water to close pores.

Wine Olive Oil Facial Toner Moisturizer

Wine Olive Oil Facial Toner Moisturizer

5 oz. Wine (preferably Lambrusco wine, but any is optional)
2 oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Blend the wine and the extra virgin olive oil together.

Once everything is combined, wash your face. After you have completed the regime of cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturizing, apply this amazing toner moisturizer to your face and leave on overnight. Wash your face regularly the next day.

Amaretto Avocado Facial

Amaretto Avocado Facial

1 Avocado
2 oz. Almond Oil
2 oz. Apricot Oil
1 oz. Plum Oil
3 Vitamin E capsules
1 tsp. of Milk

Blend the avocado until the consistency is thick, but well mashed. (You also can mash the avocado by hand, however; blending tends to save time) Add the Almond, Apricot, and Plum oils. Break open 3 Vitamin E capsules and add the result into the mixture. Finally add the milk.

After everything is combined, mix together and apply to the face for about 20-25 minutes. Once the 20-25 minutes have lasped, rinse the facial off. Remember to use warm water to wash, then cool water to rinse, as this will open and close pores.

Coconut Exfoliating Facial Mask

Coconut Exfoliating Facial Mask

1 Coconut
3 oz. Sour Cream
1 oz. Oatmeal (plain)
1 tsp. of Milk
1 tsp. of Lemon Juice

This recipe is ultimately best with a real coconut. You wanna take the entire coconut and chop it up. It is best to use a chopper or a blender. The coconut should be blended until it is thick, but also well mashed. Add the sour cream, the oatmeal, the milk, and the lemon juice.

Once all of the ingredients are added, you wanna combine everything together. Once everything is combined, apply to the skin and leave on for about 25-30 minutes. Once the 25-30 minutes have lapsed, rinse the facial off. Remember to use warm water to wash, then cool water to rinse, as this will open and close pores.

Mango Olive Oil Facial Mask

Mango Olive Oil Facial Mask

1 Mango
3 oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Blend the mango and the extra virgin olive oil until the consistency is on a paste-like wavelength.

Once everything is blended, apply to the face and leave on for about 20-25 minutes. Once the 20-25 minutes have lasped, rinse the facial off. Remember to use warm water to wash, then cool water to rinse, as this will open and close pores.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Interviewing Taysha Smith Valez about Bianca's and Suite Tay

Recently, Taysha Smith Valez and I had a rather interesting conversation about Bianca's and Suite Tay. Here is what she had to tell me...

Sarah: What made you come up with the Bianca's concept? I would love to know more about the company's origin. What made you come up with the name? Where did the origin of the name come from? Who is Bianca? Tell me a little about Bianca's...

Taysha: I just had too! It was the only way I could control my message, my distribution, my way. Not one department store sells the way I do or how I do. I am 100% Haute. The level of service that we provide and experiences we provide can only be replicated in a boutique like environment. Well until now. I already have a boutique (which is Suite Tay) Bianca's is a department store because it has specialized departments. It is basically the hautest department store on earth. We cater to young Affluents. Bianca's is the new luxury. We are human and we all have different needs and experience so many different things, Bianca's possesses a huge part of what we need, as well as, value. Bianca Belleza is so haute it hurts. The website is fairly new and the magalog is new. When the actual department store is offline, and opens it's doors, it will make history. The huge difference between us and the others is that we only provide "haute". There is no ready-to wear anything, not even cosmetics. We have poured much value and pieced together everything. We only offer made -to-measure, personalized, and bespoke brands. Very Haute!

Taysha: Everything from domestics to beauty to outer wear and more. Bianca's is also a replica of my apartment X's10 ( times Ten) . My humble penthouse is a 2 floor duplex in Manhattan. Bianca's will be a 4 floor penthouse. I can't tell you the person whom inspired right now, but I will say that Bianca is a real person. To all of the Bianca's out there it's not you all. You know who I am talking about! LOL! Banca is a very common Latin name as well. I felt it was very important to express parts of "Tay" in every thing that I do while maintaining privacy and a bit a mystery. Anyways...The CEO/Manager of Bianca Belleza is Justine Finner. She has years of retail, and concierge experience. Justine is extremely intelligent.

Taysha: I have to tell you Sarah, our online store feels so different because we don't have a standard self serve check out. We truly love the human connection, therefore; we have 24/7 email concierge (and phone, if needed during business hours) to answer and help complete checkout. To be honest, we don't like our clients to do a lot of work and we want all their questions and concerns answered. Honestly, we don't advertise. Both Justine's client book and my client book are enough to keep us afloat. We have no investors, no nothing. We are a self reliant company and I like it that way. It may take a little longer for the Universe to catch on , but hey I am cool with that! In the end, I think it will be worth it. I know that Bianca's is way ahead of the curve. The coolest thing about Bianca's is that it's a compliment to other shopping outlets and department stores, not a competition. Of course, I won't go into details about that, it's way too haute and too soon. One thing is certain, our current clients know exactly of what I speak of! "HYO's anyone?! *smiles*

Sarah: What makes Bianca's different from any other company? What can affluents and other individuals find at Bianca's?

Taysha: There are 3 major differences. The first difference is the fact that it caters to the young affluent. The second difference is it's all haute. Nothing is ready to wear not even a "lippie"! LOL. The third difference is we have those HYO's and we have Justine, as well as, our many luxury partners. We have our amazing clients can't forget about those beauties. You'll find everything that any other department store has. Everything from shoes to handbags to jewelry to home to electronics, ETC except we are "haute". We are very haute at Bianca Belleza.

Sarah: HCouture is sooooo haute and that is certain. I can only imagine how Bianca's is. Bianca's seems so amazing. You have to tell me (and I am curious to know) what sort of demographic of individuals does Bianca's attract?

Taysha: Sarah, I will give you the mission word for word! We cater to the new generation of luxury. This is primarily young affluents. You are probably wondering, who are the young affluents? Well, technically young affluents are individuals age 31 and under (born 1976-2000 aka "the kids of the Baby Boomers" aka Gen Y Affluents, "The want it All's") It is extremely important to know that we have a specific need for an amazing experience when buying great "stuff." It is a style and way of life that has been overlooked by many "luxury" department stores and catalogs, until now.

Sarah: Who is Bianca Belleza?

Taysha: Bianca is a young affluent, who enjoys the finer things in life. It is not necessarily a money thing with Bianca. It is all about comfort, value, experience, customer service, products, etc. and above all, how each of the aforementioned made her "feel". Bianca wants it all. She wants haute customer service, haute items, haute loyalty offerings, however; overall she wants an haute place to shop! A new kind of department store and so does all of Bianca's young, affluent, friends.

Taysha: Think efficient, yet effective, as well as, classic, and always just plain old nice. The past is luxury. Department stores with online presence, Barneys Bendels, Bergdorf, etc. Home to a grand mixture of ready-to-wear-items. The present is like super Luxe Department Store with an offline presence. This will be coming soon. Bianca's is the home of Haute Couture everything, made to measure everything, hand pieced & poured items, and a few Bespoke brands! The future includes enjoying both.

Taysha: We are different because Bianca's is the World's first Haute department store. Our roots are in Direct Internet and Catalog Sales. Expansion into offline will take place 1st Q of 2009. (Our core client is young and affluent. Our magalog, as well as, internet businesses have homes in Beverly Hills, Madison Ave, and Naples, Florida. Our offline department stores will have homes in Paris, Las Vegas, NYC, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Beverly Hills, and the Dominican Republic.

Sarah: Tell me about Suite Tay...

Taysha: Sarah, it is the hautest Beauty Boutique on the Planet. Think Sephora on Steroids. LOL! It's by appointment only. We handle practically every event ranging from weddings to sweet 15 and 16s to bat mitzvahs and more, on top of our normal ladies and gents just looking for gifts. We currently have one in Hawaii and another coming to NYC. This is a destination store, so every destination will have it's own signature. NYC will have a totally different vibe than Hawaii has, and Aspen will have a entirely different feel than Austin, etc.

Sarah: You are making many waves Tay. I am curious to know, what is your ultimate goal with Suite Tay?

Taysha: I want at least 21 all over the world. Why 21? That is one of my many magic numbers. Suite Tay is a beauty boutique and it's super haute. Imagine Sephora on Steroids (as I stated previously) LOL! We have plans of building a huge catalog business with Suite Tay. Our corporate, as well as, gifting and event business is doing really well. I think our destinations, as well as, our magalog will take it to and over the top. This will leave it's very haute mark. Quiet yet loud, small yet huge, and cool yet extremely haute! Meet me at the Suite! is that we chant at the office :) ...Suite Tay store within a store, in hotels, etc. Jess and Jenn run this place. What with all the J's?! LOL! I am Taurus so I am weird like that. LOL! I believe in karma and everything, as well as, connections and gut insticts! I truly believe in this. $11.9 million per quarter from Suite Tay alone is not bad at all I say not Bad AT ALL!

Sarah: Tell me what makes Suite Tay universal and why others should check it out today...

Taysha: It's instantly international. Because of the technology, internet, and telecommunication, I can talk to and process clients around the world with the flick of the wrist! It's a place where Haute Beauties shop for Haute Beauty. It is as simple as that!

Sarah: What is your favorite product from Suite Tay? What products do you recommend to the Suite Tay shopper?

Taysha: Wow, how about one of each?! LOL! Anything hair would be best from 77th & Park. Anything for the body from Sepia. Men everything from To Him From Her. Wow, makeup. Aya & Ami, By Bianca Belleza, TSV 10021, TCake, Green T, etc. just to name a few. Everything!!!! I can go on and on. Sarah, I have to tell you, my favorite thing is the Socialite mascara. I am so addicted. It's the cheapest mascara we have ya know ? Crazy Ah? What is better than a cool place, with haute stuff, great staff, that is low key. I absolutely love it!

Sarah: Do you have any plans of expanding Bianca's? What is your ultimate goal with one of the "hautest" companies in the world today?

Taysha: I have quite a few plans. I want to continue building relationships with logistics firms as far as international shipping, customs and ports, and all that. I only plan on having about 5-8 Bianca Belleza Department stores worldwide when it's said and done. The store is way to "Haute" to be popping up everywhere!

Sarah: What are some testimonials by consumers about Bianca's? What are you some testimonials about Suite Tay?

Taysha: Clients say things like : It is extremely "Haute". Incredibly "haute" stuff. There are just no words. I just ultimately "love love love"! Everything from the packaging to the product. All of the clients and fashion beauty lovers just love it. They love the technology with the simplicity and the whole hautness of the human touch. The fact that it is natural ya know? Organic!. They also love the fact that we actually answer our emails in 3-5 minutes and sometimes 1 minute depending on time of day and volume. They love the convenience of the business and how if needed, they can call or even set up a phone appointment effectively. We have a lot of Centurion clients whom contact us via email using their mobile phones. These clients are treated like friends and will often text message needs and wants. We send them an invoice via email and they pay privately. This is not only done in an efficient manner, but it's quite effective, as a result. HELLO, welcome to 2007, the internet is now an option. I just love it. I have to tell you Sarah, it's not an "instant" easy option, as anyone can set up a website, ETC but it is the experience. When people say "we don't get it" we always respond by asking: "What don't you get?" The fact is - you look, you want, you purchase, and you ask questions. It's just that simple. Don't over think it, it is shopping. LOL!

Taysha: We have a built in client base to which is a direct affiliate with our magazine Millionairess weekly. Everyone from princesses to empresses to city gals like Tay whom have shopped with us, with a sprinkle of celebrities (although, not many) but we really cater to what we know, so most of my clients are my friends and friends of my friends friends friends ...LOLOL. One thing you may want to know is that I have built the concept around the client and not the other way around. *smiles* There is nothing tight nor stuffy, it is very neat and organized (well, most of the time, LOL) and it is very much like coming over to someone's home, sharing lots of laughs, as well as, good fun, good things, good customer service, etc. Everything is very good natured. Although far from perfect it is indeed haute from start to finish. 100% Haute! 100% American :)

Interesting fact - "Bianca's is short for Bianca Belleza".

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