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The World of Organic Skin Care

The World of Organic Skin Care

The beauty market is huge, hence why the demand for skin care continues to increase rapidly on a day-to-day basis, as a result. One may say that organic skin care separates fact from fiction, but that is not always the case. Why? There are several reasons why, however; the big reason is the product and what is used to create the product. This varies upon general market value, demographic guideline, and is based on individual product ingredients.

The question remains - "What is organic skin care?" Organic skin care is simply skin care with a standard. It is skin care with more value than the average skin care quo because it is based on a standard of realism. It does not mean "not artificial" nor does it mean "uncultivated", as it is often implied. Organic skin care is simply skin care with a standard based on ethics. It is skin care created with at least 70% of organic ingredients with certain neglections and exceptions, that provides benefits and guarantees. Some skin care possesses an array of elements that are rather "subjective" which are unnecessary and are not radically beneficial nor good for the skin, hence why visible risks result from usage. Most of the time, these elements are synthetic chemical imputs and chemical reactions, however; they vary from toxins to negative rarities and more.

Most organic skin care does not have mass production, however; there are always exceptions to the rule. About 98% of the time, most organic skin care products are created piece-by-piece, rather than produced at a faster rate. One thing is certain, organic skin care is flexible and can be created in the form of a recipe or on that wavelength. For example: I have created an organic, yet secure and effective facial treatment using organic wine and organic extra virgin olive oil. Since both organic wine and organic extra virgin olive oil both possess an array of antioxidants and properties, it is safe to say that they are "natural". Since they are the only ingredients used in the facial, it is also safe to say, I haven't added any additional chemicals nor used any processes that may decrease a standard or increase a health risk, as a result. Another example, would be an oatmeal inspired scrub treatment that combines organic oats, organic brown sugar, and organic grape juice. These are examples of simple, yet organic skin care.

A very popular organic skin care brand is Juice Beauty. With an organic content of 95%, Juice Beauty proves they are serious about organics. Their products do not include Toxins, Pesticides, Synthetic fragrances, Toluene, Petroleum, Artificial colors or dyes, as well as, a few other things. This amazingly fluent organic skin care line has managed to substitute these "risky rarities" using antioxidant technology and general ethics. Juice Beauty clearly states that they have met with USDA's strict standards and guidelines to which they have passed the "organic" certification. Not only is this amazingly fluent skin care line 95% organic, but Juice Beauty is against animal testing and specifically guarantee they are vegetarian/vegan friendly, with a 100% vegetarian ingredients policy. One of my favorite Juicy Beauty products/product lines is the "Green Apple Collection" which possesses an array of Juice Beauty products that range from Green Apple Body Peel to Green Apple Cleansing Gel to Green Apple Nutrient Mask to Green Apple Antioxidant Serum to Green Apple Mousse Body Cleanser, and more. -

Another popular organic skin care brand is L'OCCITANE. This amazingly fluent organic skin care company's philosophy is based on - Sensorality, Authenticity, and Respect and remains to be true to those values, in general. The target demographic is for both women and men. The products are produced to match strict "ethical" guidelines and principles. This amazing organic company has also managed to go beyond the standard organic quo and label their products using the braille system, for the visually impaired. L'OCCITANE currently has over 20 individual organic collections. Some of them include: Almond Apple, Olive, Iris, Grape, Tea, Almond, Orange, Cherry Blossom, Verbena, Myrtle, Lavender, Neroli, and many more. One of my favorite L'OCCITANE products is the "Olive & Tomato Collection" which possesses an array of L'OCCITANE products that range from Olive Tomato Organic Garden Hand Cream to Olive Tomato Organic Garden Shower Gel to Organic Soap with Olive leaves & Tomato, and more. -

In the United States alone, the federal organic legislation clearly states that if a product is produced and manfactured with less than 70% organic ingredients, that product cannot be marketed as an organic product. However; products that are marketed as "100% organic" must possess 100% organic ingredients, to say so. Products that possess 95% to an estimate of 85% organic ingredients are qualified to display "organic" on the label. Individual products that use 80%-70% organic ingredients can display "made with organic ingredients". All of these products often display the USDA stamp, which acts as proof of being of organic merit. Although smaller percentages can and do apply, most of those generalizations are often handled by a different union and bare no radical affiliation on the "organic" term. Some theorists believe the term "organic" has been strongly abused. Some theorists also believe that some products that cater in demand to merit the organic affiliation possess absolutely no relation to the label and as a result, is "organic" is interpretted incorrectly.

Top 10 uses for Aspirin

Top 10 uses for Aspirin

1.) Pain. You just got home working a 17 hour shift with only 2 hours of sleep the night before. You have the worst headache and you just don't know if you can handle it. Relax, aspirin is here to help. If you look at quite a few OTC medicines, they include aspirin as ingredient, because aspirin is a strong pain preventer and protector. Aspirin works as the ultimate pain relief medium.

2.) Stain Remover. This can be anything from perspiration stains to light wine stains to cigarette stains to soil stains, and more. Aspirin works great in removing stains in a variety of ways. You can remove stains today by smashing 3 aspirins into a glass followed by lemon juice and a drop of saline solution (or a drop of water, whatever works best) and directly, apply to the stain. The aspirin should be thick, therefore; visible in the mixture. Leave this on the fabric for about 3 hours before rinsing. Use warm water to rinse.

3.) Acne. This can be anything from a few pimples to many pimples, and more. Aspirin works as an elemental acid, which helps get rid of acne and other bacterias that form on the skin. Aspirin is very strong, so you must not use a lot on your face to achieve the actual effects. In fact, I truly recommend that you use only 1 cup of vaseline, 1/2 cup of milk, 1/4 cup of vinegar, 1 egg yolk, and 2 smashed aspirins to apply to the face. Leave on overnight and wash your face the next day. Use warm water to open pours and cold water to close them. Repeat if necessary.

4.) Teeth Whitening. Aspirin possesses an array of elements that are similar to other products that are used on this wavelength. The acid in Aspirin works a safe whitener. Smash 4 aspirin and add 1 teaspoon of vaseline. Apply to teeth and leave on for about 10 minutes. Rinse and repeat your ordinary regime (brush, floss, rinse, etc). You will notice results within a week.

5.) Mold. Mold is more than just bacteria. In fact, not all mold is bacteria nor belongs to any families of organisms that are a part of the bacteria family. Some mold is good mold, that is certain, however; some mold is bad mold and extremely toxic. Creating a mixture of just water and aspirin works as a strong protector and fighter against the bad mold. Smash 5 aspirins and add them to an 8 oz. bottle, filled with water. Spray the area where the mold is visible and the area around it. Repeat every 5 hours or when necessary.

6.) Dry Scalp. Whether you have dry scalp or a huge case of dandruff, aspirin is here to help. Why? Because Aspirin is medicated and works as an acid which helps promote a good state of well being, this also includes hair health and care. Wash your hair regularly. After you have washed with shampoo, smash three aspirins. As you continue, mix with a tablespoon of vinegar and apply to the hair. Massage the scalp in circular motions and leave on for about 20 minutes. Rinse with cold to cool water and apply conditioner.

7.) Prevent Fungus. You can also prevent other forms of fungi, by mixing the aspirin, like so, with the compost or water you choose to apply to the infected or potentially infected areas. This helps maintain the area's health. Although, this mixture is commonly used in an environmental sense, you can use this mixture in a regular sense (i.e. nail fungus, etc) Spray the area at least three times a day with the aspirin added mixture.

8.) Jewelry Cleaner. Aspirin is much more significant than we realize. Not only does it promote radical clean awareness, but it holds and maintains several duties as a result. It may work as a sealer, it may work as a protector, it may even work as polisher, and more. Take a bowl of lukewarm to warm water and apply three aspirins. Make sure they are dissolved. When they are dissolved, add your jewelry. If one of the rings needs more attention, use a toothbrush. Aspirin works as a fantastic jewelry cleaner in many ways.

9.) Damaged Soil. Fungal infections are a big problem in today's garden environment. If you own a garden or know someone who does, they will tell you that they like to add an aspirin or two to water and use it to treat soil. However; maybe they won't tell you. Why? Because, well, they just don't know. It's true. Plants are living, they just don't take responsibility and have no nerve endings, hence why people don't realize the actual immunities of who and what they are. Believe it or not, adding two aspirin to a 40 oz. water bottle and spraying the affected area works as a treatment, a medicine to not only the damaged soil, but the plants around.

10.) Insect Bites. As much as rodents are important to our world, they can be just as annoying. Whether you are bit by a spider or a mosquito, you are taking a chance of realizing that much more so. Smash 1-2 aspirins and add a drop of saline to form a paste. Apply the aspirin mixture directly to the bite and cover with a band-aid. Repeat if necessary.

Interviewing Krista St. John about TCake, LLC.

I had the perfect opportunity to chat with Miss Krista St. John about a company making many waves, TCake, LLC, which is made up an array of products that range from beauty products to hair products to even home and garden products, and more. Here is what she had to tell me...

Sarah: Hey Krista. How are you? Tell me more about TCake, LLC...

Krista: Hi Sarah! TCake, LLC is the umbrella company for a host of lines, and products to come. It is the parent company for TCake Haute Hair, Haute Chocolate Beaute' beauty products, Krista St. John Kashmere, Krista St. John Flowers, Fleurs, and Floras, and the book Let Them Eat Cake, 101 1/2 Recipes for Beauty, a paperless usb book.

Sarah: Behind every great business, lies a great source of inspiration and influence. Tell me a little more about what inspired you to create TCake, LLC...

Krista: The name TCake comes from a signature dessert that my mom used to make. The "T" was also her nickname, so that's where the TCake comes from. It's a word that makes people think of warmth, and hospitality. People from the south always ask me about teacakes. It's nice. As for inspiration, i was able to do all of this through Taysha S. Valez, and her foundation. Without Taysha, this would still be a dream of mine.

Sarah: What was it like being a proud recipient of the beauty business grant with Tell me more...

Krista: It has been an incredible experience. I always wanted to have my own beauty product, but the business is very hard to get into. I am now able to go into so many areas of the business, and for that I am grateful.

Sarah: Tell me a little more about the individual TCake Brands...

Krista: The Swarovski covered glossies will come out through the Tcake brand. Tcake Haute Hair is an entire line of hair products featuring a haute bag. Krista St. John Kashmere will focus on cashmere for the home, and loungewear for the home, yacht, and jet. Haute Chocolate Beaute' is a bath and body line that has a wonderful chocolate scent, and more to come! Every line will have concierge service available. Let Them Eat Cake, 101 1/2 recipes for beauty is the paperless usb book.

Sarah: Tell me a little more about some of the products... What products do you recommend?

Krista: I used the TCake Haute Hair spray in Vegas for New Year's Eve. It kept every hair in place. I absolutely love it. The paperless usb book is filled with fun, and easy beauty recipes, and beauty quotes.

Sarah: Tell me a little more about the lip glossies...

Krista: They are so fabulous! You must have one in your bag. You won't want to do without it. They are so glam and chic. The shine on the lips is so pretty!

Sarah: The question remains, do you have any plans of expanding the TCake Brand lines? Do you have any plans for any stand-alone stores? Do you have any plans of starting an affiliate program? Tell me a little more about your future plans for TCake, LLC...

Krista: The goal for 2008 is to roll out all of the lines, and products. So, that's my focus for this year. Oh yes, I have tons of plans of starting an affiliate program. But it must be something that really gets the affiliates involved, and offers rewards beyond a few dollars. We have tons of things on board for roll out, from the shopable lifestyle blog, to the series of lifestyle DVD programs that we have in the works. Tons of plans!

Sarah: You are making waves. You are not only an actress (commercial, tv, and voiceover), tv personality, and model, but you are a beauty entrepreneur and an author. That is impressive. What is next for Miss Krista St. John?

Krista: Thank you Sarah for your kind words. Yes, I have done all of those things, but this is the biggest of all. My immediate goal is to see all of this through.

Sarah: You are beautiful and also seem like a wonderful person, based on what I have heard, but also what I have read. You have a very impressive resume. I have to tell you Krista, as a Prince fan, but really caught my attention was the fact you were chosen to be on one of his album covers. That is just amazing. How was your experience with "the artist"?

Krista: It's Prince, and that kind of association was significant. It was a very big deal.

Sarah: What do you wanna say to those people reading this interview and learning about TCake, LLC for the first time?

Krista: 2008 will be an exciting year for TCake Brands. I want to thank them for reading, and taking time out to get to know the brand.

Krista: The book is now available! :)