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Interviewing Make-Up Artist Erin...

I had the chance to catch up with an amazing stylist and make-up artist named Erin. We talked about everything from Beauty, Cosmetics, and an array of make-up brands, as well as, make-up looks and here is what she had to say...

Sarah: Tell me a little about yourself...

Erin: I'm 31. I grew up in sunny San Diego. I've been a stylist for 10 years and a makeup artist for 12.

Sarah: Who inspired you to become a stylist? What influenced you?

Erin: From a really young age, I've loved to play "make-over", and I was always the friend that would help everyone come up with new looks, get ready for dates, and stuff like that. When I was 17 I went to NYC for an acting gig, and met some amazing stylists. They were having a great time and making a living doing what I did for fun. One of the stylists I became friends with had their assistant flake on them on a day O wasn't shooting , so I volunteered to step in. I did and at the end of the day the deal was sealed. I was going to be a stylist, not an actress.

Sarah: I believe beauty is an emotion that goes beyond what we see, however; it's also a form of chemistry and social science. I would like to know, how do you define beauty?

Erin: I agree with you. Beauty is a state of mind. However ,its easier to get in that state of mind when one takes the time to take good care of themselves, thats where good grooming comes in. As a stylist I have to remeber that ones mans trash is another mans treasure, and what is beautiful many times is a matter of opinion.

Sarah: Tell me more about the make-up brands that you use...

Erin: If I had to pick one line it would be MAC. BUT, Lancome has great skincare. They started out as a skincare company over 100 years ago and still use some of the same formulations. Bobbi Brown is a great line for women or men that want to enhance their natural look without looking too made up. Before launching her line almost 20 years ago, Bobbi Brown was on of the most sought after makeup artists in the industry, known for her quick, flawless natural looks. She developed her line with that in mind, being quick flawless and natural. MAC is old school fabulous, it was developed for use by professional makeup artists. Mac actually stands for Makeup Artists Cosmetics. Its amazing, if you dont know what youre doing yoiu can make yourself look like a clown really easily. But hey, if that makes you feel beautiful, rock on.

Sarah: What are some of your favorite make-up looks? What make-up looks are popular for Spring and Summer? How do they differ from the Fall and Winter months?

Erin: In the spring and summer I thgink that the focus should be on looking fresh. In the cooler seasons you can get away with heavier application. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY looks good with their face melting into there tube top. For spring and summer think, shear. Pick one feature and play it up. Also a great bronzer, and sunless tanner are key.

Sarah: What are the most common make-up looks that you do? What are your favorites?

Erin: For the most part I help people look like themselves, just more polished. I dont ever want to make someone look like they're wearing a mask. However my favorites are theatrical inspired looks.

Sarah: What products do you recommend? What products are your favorites?

Erin: Everyone needs to start out with good skincare. If you haven't had a facial in more than a year, run don't walk to your closest esthetician. For spring/summer, I think everyone should have a sheer foundation with at least spf 20, try Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown. A neutral lip tint, I like Black Honey by Clinique or Benetint by Benefit. Waterproof Mascara, I like MAC Splashproof Lash in Blacksplash. Last but definitly not least a great bronzer. I like MAC Noble, its very neutral and looks great on everyskin tone.

Sarah: What beauty motto do you live by, on a daily basis?

Erin: Start from the inside out and be true to yourself.

Sarah: What do your clients say about you? What are some testimonials?

Erin: My clients love me.

For more information, simply contact Erin directly at:

Friday, April 18, 2008

Interviewing Dr. Shervin Naderi

I had the perfect opportunity to talk with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shervin Naderi and a great friend...about life, beauty, and of course, his specialty, plastic surgery and here is what he had to tell me...

Sarah: Tell me a little about yourself...

Shervin: I’m a 36 year old Surgeon. Born in Shiraz, Iran. Grew up in Boston. Had all of my education and training in the U.S.. My parents are both surgeons. Sister is a dentist and she is married to an Endo-dentist. Younger brother is in College at Purdue. I grew up like every other kid playing soccer and basketball until the sun went down and was forced to come into the house for dinner! I grew up loving fast cars and motorcycles and speed! But most importantly I grew up in a house where education and achievement was highly stressed and failure was not an option. I got married last year to a wonderful and beautiful young Iranian woman - Sayeh. She is doing her Anesthesia residency at Johns Hopkins University. We are trying to enjoy the newlywed period before we have any children, but with my busy practice and her residency hours that’s not as easy as we may wish it to be.

Sarah: Behind every great mind, lies a source of inspiration, as a result. Tell me Shervin, what inspired you to become a plastic surgeon?

Shervin: Whether its fortunate or not the fact is I grew up around doctors my entire childhood years. That’s all I saw. So I was almost programmed to go into medicine from a young age. I also loved cutting and sewing fabric. I was busy sewing lots of clothes for my younger sister’s Barbie dolls when I was merely 9 years of age! Combine that with the extreme care, pride and meticulousness that I had witnessed my parents show in everything that they did and ending up in Facial Plastic Surgery was inevitable.

Sarah: Are you proud of what you have accomplished, in your life so far? Do you have any other goals, that you want to achieve?

Shervin: I am happy with my decisions. For example, I am happy each and every time that I take a splint off of a Rhinoplasty patient’s nose the week after their nose job surgery and see the joy and happiness in their eyes. It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I was able to improve another person’s life even through something like elective Cosmetic Surgery.

It’s not all about cosmetic surgery either. When a cancer patient who has lost his or her nose comes in for reconstruction and I can give them back what they have lost and allow them the freedom to have a normal life, then I have been blessed and fortunate enough to have the ability to impact that person’s life in a positive way.

As far as goals I want to achieve, on the lighter side I have always wanted to learn to play the Piano and I still have not given up on that dream!

Sarah: Now, I must ask about beauty. I believe it's an emotion that goes beyond our aesthetics and what we see. I am curious to know, what does the term "beauty" mean to you? Philosophically, how would you define beauty?

Shervin: This is the topic of an entire book or an entire lecture. I will give you the brief version. There are some well-known and documented and agreed upon standards of beauty. For example, the width of each eye should be about 1/5 of the width of the face and the space between the eyes should be the same as the width of each eye and the width of the base of the nose should be equal to this measurement, as well. Another example is how upturned should a nose be and it is clearly documented that 95 to 120 degrees is the standard “rotation angle” for the nose of a female while for a man the rotation angle should not exceed 90-95 degrees.

Throughout time, some of these “standards” have become modified. For example, the arch of the eyebrow has been changed and now as Plastic Surgeons we like to see the highest point of the arch of a woman’s eyebrow to be over the outer corner of the eyelids, while in the past we liked to see this point be over the outer edge of the iris or “the colored part of the eyes.”

And to make matters more complex these standards have to “fit” on an individual patient’s face. For example, the “projection” of the nose or how far the nose should protrude from a person’s face should be about the length of the skin portion of the upper lip. However, in a patient with an excessively short or long upper lip this cannot be the only deciding factor. To make matters more complex, the length and slope of the forehead and the protrusion or weakness of the chin and the fullness of the mid-face are also significant factors in deciding what the eventual “projection” and shape of the new nose should be.

So in summary, my definition of beauty is something that just fits. When you look at someone and no one part or feature negatively impacts the whole of the face. Everyone can agree on a supermodel’s extreme beauty, but in real life, subtle beauty is about achieving balance and harmony on a patients face in order to make everything fit and blend nicely.

Sarah: Do you think beauty is really in the eye of the beholder or do you think it's just image and aura, that are really in the eye of the beholder?

Shervin: The “standards” that I mentioned are real. The angles and numbers and proportions are important. But the way we as humans look at the face is different than any other object. If I show you an up-side-down picture of a chair you can immediately tell me that you are seeing a chair. But if I show you an up-side-down picture of one of your closest friends or relatives, you will not be as quick to identify the person in the picture because our brain’s “facial recognition center” is distinct and complex. Basically there are standard guidelines to beauty, but at the end of the day, one person may prefer a blonde and another may prefer a brunette, but that does not make one more or less beautiful. So, there are clear and undeniable measures of beauty but the subtleties are in the eye of the beholder.

Sarah: I am curious to know, what are your thoughts on body image disorders such as BDD?

Shervin: BDD is a serious problem. It is even more serious when a person with undiagnosed BDD undergoes elective Plastic Surgery. These are patients who almost never see anything good or beautiful on their faces or bodies and are in a constant endless struggle to “achieve perfection.”

Sarah: I know everyone has flaws, however; somethings can be corrected on quite a few wavelengths that go beyond cosmetic surgery. I am curious to know, how can one improve their self-esteem and body image?

Shervin: I strongly believe self-esteem is given to us and nurtured at a very young age by our parents and caretakers. It is very difficult to strive and achieve that positive level of self-esteem as an adult when it has been completely lacking earlier on in life but that’s where the mental healthcare professionals can help us Plastic Surgeons in a holistic approach to a patient’s well being. Sometime, something as simple as a nose job (Rhinoplasty) can be the answer and sometimes no amount of surgery will bring about the kind of healthy self-esteem that each person deserves.

Sarah: Shervin joon, I am curious to know more about the actual procedures you do. Tell me a little more about the various cosmetic procedures...

Shervin: As a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, all I perform are Plastic Surgeries on the face and neck. However the vast majority of my practice is dedicated to nasal surgery (Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty). I also perform a large number of aging face procedures such as Eyelid lifts, Facelifts, Neck lifts, Brow lifts, chin and cheek implants, Chemical peels and Laser wrinkle treatments, in addition to minimally invasive in-office procedures like lip augmentation, Botox and fillers (Restylane, Collagen, Juvederm, Artefilll, etc…)

Sarah: Out of every cosmetic procedure you have done, what seems to be the most popular? What procedure(s) do you do the most?

Shervin: Primary and revision nose surgery is the vast majority of my practice. These are people who are seeking a nose job or ones who have had 1 or more previous nose jobs but are left with deformities that need correction.

Sarah: It is Spring and before you know it, Summer will be here. Are there any types of cosmetic procedures that tend to be popular during this time of year, more so than any other season?

Shervin: For the general Plastic Surgeons, spring time is a busy time for liposuction and breast augmentation. Summer time is a slow time for all types of elective cosmetic surgery. People tend to go on vacations and spend time away from home. Fall and winter is when we see a spike in elective procedures.

Make sure you wear your sun-block so you don’t pay a price for your spring and summer fun!

Sarah: I am curious to know more about what your clients think about you. What do they often say the most? What are some testimonials?

Shervin: Surgeons do have big egos but not that big for me to mention what they say here! You can read some of the testimonials on my website:
Virginia Facial Plastic Surgery

I take my time getting to know my patients and I treat them like friends and not just potential clients. I care about them and if I get the sense that elective cosmetic surgery is not the key to their happiness then I will refrain from operating on them. This way I have a close relationship with my patients and I make sure they are happy.

Sarah: For those individuals reading this interview for the very first time, what would you like those people to know?

Shervin: Be careful! There are thousands of “cosmetic surgeons” out there advertising their services with inadequate training or qualifications or experience. Board Certification is the most minimal of requirements but absolutely not a guarantee for a great or safe outcome. If it sounds too good to be true then think twice before spending your hard earned money and placing yourself at risk. Just make sure you take your time and do your homework before you choose your surgeon or the procedure.

Shervin: There is a new trend for patients to fly out to South America or Asia for very inexpensive cosmetic surgery. Although there are many excellent plastic surgeons world wide, patients need to know much more about “the stranger who is about to cut on their face” than just how inexpensive or affordable his prices are. Be careful with your face and take good care of it. Bargain shopping has no place in elective cosmetic surgery. Enjoy the process, do not get obsessed and always have fun. Thank you!

To know more about Shervin Naderi, MD...please visit:
Virginia Facial Plastic Surgery right now!

Interviewing Makeup Artist Brittany Walbert

I had the perfect opportunity to chat with Brittany Walbert, a freelance makeup artist from New York City, about popular makeup looks, including inspiring makeup looks, MAC cosmetics, and what's hot for Spring, as well as, Summer. Here is what she had to tell me...

Sarah: Tell me a little about yourself, tell me more about Brittany Walbert...

Brittany: My name is Brittany Walbert. I am a freelance make-up artist. I work on all sorts of projects, but primarily photo shoots. I attended Make-up Designory in NYC after graduating from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. I am originally from Miami, FL, but reside in NYC.

Sarah: Behind every great artist (in this case, makeup artist) is a major source of inspiration. Tell me what or who inspired you to become a makeup artist? What was the biggest source of influence?

Brittany: Probably my friends. I had a passion for make-up, at a very young age and they were always asking me to do their make-up for events and pictures or just going out. They assured me of my talent and I probably wouldn't have pursued a career in make-up, if it wasn't for their encouragement.

Sarah: I have always assumed that Spring was the perfect opportunity to break out the pastel colors, however; I have looked at a variety of models wearing some rather eclectic looks. I am curious to know, what are some of the hottest makeup colors for Spring?

Brittany: I would say pastels are quite the opposite of spring. Everything is coming to life and blooming and make-up shouldn't be any different. Bright pinks are great for spring. A magenta lip or bubblegum pink cheeks really pop without looking contrived.

Sarah: I absolutely love an array of inspired looks, especially in terms of makeup and cosmetics. I am curious to know, what are the most popular makeup inspired looks? What do you tend to do the most?

Brittany: When people want dramatic, they always ask for Marilyn Monroe; the cat eye and red lips. It is a classic, so it's hard to go wrong. Also the smoky eye is requested a lot. My favorite inspired look, which was really in a couple seasons ago, is the Bridgette Bardot; slightly smoky cat eyes, some cheek contouring and a nude lip.

Sarah: Tell me more about the beauty products you tend to use...

Brittany: I use quite a bit of MAC products. They are great professional products that are available to regular consumers as well.

Sarah: Spring is here, however; in a few more months we are approaching summer. Tell me more about the most popular beauty products that are a must-have for the Summer...

Brittany: Definitely bronzer. Pale is great for winter, but when the sun comes out, people want that tanned looked and bronzer is a great way to achieve that. There is no damage from tanning and no orange tint from self tanners. Brush is all over the face after setting powder and a little on the neck and chest. It will give that extra little glow very naturally. *A little trick, it can double as a contourer. Put a little extra in the hollows of your cheeks and under your neck and collar bone.

Sarah: When you do looks for both Spring and Summer, what look tends to be the most popular? Tell me more...

Brittany: People ask for a wide variety of looks depending on the occasion, but I think people are more comfortable using color during these seasons. And people want to glow, either with bronzer or shimmer powder. Also a great emphasis on the cheeks and glossy lips.

Sarah: What do some of your clients say about your work? Do you have any testimonials?

Brittany: They have all been really happy. One client asked if I had a testimonial section on my website so she could comment; unfortunately I don't. I considered making one for a second though. I try to let my work speak for itself. But no complaints yet.

Sarah: Is there any particular quote that you stand by often or describes you as a person. What is your beauty motto?

Brittany: "Give me your face and I will draw you a picture." It sums up how I feel that make-up is an art form and I just happen to use a different medium than most. And "Anyone who tells you not to put mascara on your lower lashes is a liar." Hehe, I just hate when professionals try and give people rules to follow. There are no rules in make-up.

Sarah: For those individuals reading this interview for the very first time, what would you like those people to know?

Brittany: Make-up is a great way to express yourself. If you're feeling down, go put on some fabulous make-up. I guarantee it will cheer you up. And experiment. Not all looks work on everyone, but try them and be honest with yourself. Do what will look best for YOU, not what is IN. My website is
BWMakeup. Please contact me if you have any questions or would be interested in working with me. And thanks a lot Sarah.

To know more, simply visit *hugs*

Interviewing Makeup Artist Amy Nicole

I had the perfect opportunity to chat with Amy Nicole, a makeup artist from Beverly Hills, CA, about popular makeup looks, including the popular smokey eye look, MAC cosmetics, and what's hot for Spring, as well as, Summer. Here is what she had to tell me...

Sarah: Tell me a little about Amy Nicole...

Amy: I am a Pro Makeup Artist, from Canada, moved to Los Angeles to pursue dreams in the beauty and fashion industry. I have trained in Canada, NYC, San Diego and of course lovely LA.

Sarah: Behind every artist, lies a major source of inspiration or influence. Tell me, what or who inspired or influenced you to become a makeup artist...

Amy: I have been inspired by so many people and places in my life to really come down to one thing, but ultimatly my inspirations have come from travels to Brazil, America and throughout Canada as well, by people in eras from present to 20's, 30's and on. Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, etc.

Sarah: It's hard to believe it's 2008 and we are in Spring. What are some beauty must-haves' for this amazing season?

Amy: I am a huge fan of Spring colors, I always get excited, and this seasons must-haves' are just the same. Nude or Pink Lips are in, glosses, lipsticks or tints. Aswell, Peach cheeks are in, beauty is bonified with a soft warm color to brighten the face! Eyes can use a strong liner but not too harsh, rather a clean definition. And adding some strong pops of color over the eye lids is a great look for spring/summer as well.

Sarah: When we think of Spring, we think of pastel colors or subtle light colors, however; people possess their own unique individualism and standard to what they want. Tell me more about the actual colors that are in during this season...

Amy: I would first and formost say that the colors this season for spring are all about how each person decides to wear is ment to be creative and this season some may wear strong blue on the eyes, or a hint of white shimmer over the eye lids, others may dust peach over their cheeks...this season color is all about inhancing not drama.

Sarah: I would love to know (as would anyone reading this interview) about some of the looks to tend to do the most. What are some makeup looks that you tend to do the most?

Amy: Oh, I love it, the looks I tend to do most are...I love blush, BLUSH on everyone!! That extra pop of color....very warming!! Also, I love NOT leave the house with out it!!! Upper and Lower lids...soft, but suttle!!

Sarah: Summer is approaching and before you know it, it is going to be here. Tell me about some of the products that are most popular during this season...

Amy: I would say, In my makeup kit, and my VIP products...lipgloss in a nude or light pink color, as well as a chic creme blush!!

Sarah: Tell me a little more about the individual beauty products you tend to use the most often...

Amy: I tend to use Mascara and Lipgloss the most often!!

Sarah: Out of every makeup look you do, what look is the most popular. Tell me more...

Amy: I would have to say the most "popular" look is the smokey eye look...dramatic eye, dark shadows that make the eye pop, with a glossy lip to compliment the look.

Sarah: What is the most popular makeup inspired look you do?

Amy: The most inspired look I do is, Smokey Eye. Dramatic, Bold, Strong eyes.

Sarah: What are some products you highly recommend for Spring 08'? What are some products you highly recommend for Summer 08'?

Amy: Products for Spring 2008 I highly recommend are, DiorShow mascara, amazing for every eye, love it!! I also love the new MAC colllection, spring colors that are inspired by a french artist of pinks, pastels, brightness, etc...MAC Fafi Collection for lips, nails and cheeks. and my final recommended product, Laura Mercier Crème Eye Duo.

Sarah: What do your clients say about you? What are some testimonials?

Amy: I will foward you these....but the main comments are, I am professional, personal and very knowledgable. I am a true artist!!

Sarah: What would you like to say those individuals reading this interview for the very first time?

Amy: Beauty is something that comes from a deep part within each of us, it is an art we are each gifted with and a way to express our own beauty.

For more information, visit or contact Amy directly at:

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Beauty Store Business

Beauty Store Business is a monthly trade journal that covers beauty store management and functions, news, and beauty products. This fine entity is located in the heart of Van Nuys, CA. The Beauty Store Business trade journal is looking for non-fiction articles that will benefit their magazine with actual facts and knowledge. This can be anything from general "how-to" to "interview/profile" to "review" and more. The individual content must be at least 1,800 to 2,200 words in length. For more information about this writing opportunity, please contact Mr. Marc Birenbaum (who is the executive editor) at:

Writer's MarketISBN-13 978-1-58297-496-5
ISBN-10 1-58297-496-9

Product review: Courbe Virtuose Mascara by Lancome

One day, as I was sitting in my room, turning the pages of Vogue magazine, I came across an ad for Lancome Courbe Virtuose mascara. Although, I was skeptical about their entire marketing concept in general, I was utterly determined to test this mascara, to actually see if it lived up to it's promise. I have been searching for a great quality mascara for a long time and it was about time, I actually searched for one.

I decided to make a trip to Belk and head straight to the Lancome makeup counter. In browsing the variety of Lancome products, I started to browse the mascaras. Although, I originally was looking for the Courbe Virtuose, I had noticed quite a few others. I asked the beauty specialist what she recommended and she informed me about Courbe Virtuose. That is when it hit me and I had mentioned to her, that I had seen Lancome's ad in Vogue magazine and although, I was highly impressed, I just wasn't convinced that this mascara lived up to it's promise. I am a quite a fan of Lancome cosmetics, as I have tried an array of products. Some of the products worked amazingly and better than others, whereas; some worked mediocre and just didn't work.

As she asked if I wanted a sample, in a rather selfish, yet determined mood, I said "no thanks" and as she asked if I still wanted the mascara, I simply blurted out "I'll take it". When she handed me the silver box, I just wanted to take out the mascara and apply it right away. In fact, I did. "Divine Lasting Curves Mascara" is the motto, promoting a sales pitch that lives heavily up to it's name. This mascara truly is a force to be reckoned with, as it provides an array of benefits that range from Curl-Guard and Keep-Curl. What I loved most was the fact I only needed a few coats of this exquisite mascara and my lashes looked incredible. What I truly loved about Courbe Virtuose is the fact that it didn't smudge or rub off, making it that much more impressive.

I truly recommend this product to anyone looking to achieve a slightly curvier, yet curlier lash with a hint of length and volume. Although, you can apply as much as needed, this amazingly fluent mascara was obviously created for those that love glamor, but appreciate it for it's simplicity, rather than the hype of overcoating the lashes. If you are a makeup fanatic that loves to coat the lashes multiple times in hopes of achieving a false eyelash look, forget it. It just won't work. I do not recommend this product to those looking for an extreme or dramatic effect. Applying too much of Courbe Virtuose mascara can actually give you the reverse effect it is suppose to or you are expecting, so please use wisely. As visibly satisfying as this product is, it should not be abused.

Courbe Virtuose mascara by Lancome is sold at Sephora, Macy's, Neiman Marcus's, and Belk for about $24. You can also purchase this amazing fluent mascara at a Lancome boutique or straight from their website - . This mascara comes in brown and in black. Would I purchase Courbe Virtuose mascara by Lancome again? Yes.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Eyebrows 101: Sarah's Tweezing Secret

No makeup tip or trick, on the planet will make you look better than a pair of amazing eyebrows. As someone who has been tweezing her own eyebrows since the mere age of thirteen, I will tell you, they have change my appearance dramatically throughout the years. Even you never touch another cosmetic again, buy a good pair of tweezers and educate yourself on how to develop the skill of using them wisely.

Although balance is a key factor in perfecting the ultimate set of eyebrows, the reality is, nothing is perfect, so expect to see a little imperfections (especially when you start). Well shaped eyebrows not only enhance your eyes, but they give your face definition and can (depending on you) dramatically change the beauty you were already blessed with, in a good way. A well shaped brow will polish your face and you give you modest enhancement, overall.

Some people prefer to place ice cubes over the area they plan to tweeze, as this works as a slight numbing sensation. Some people prefer to hold a cold washcloth to the brow for a few seconds before they start. Some women (or men, I can't exclude those men that like to shape their eyebrows) even prefer to moisturize before they tweeze, as they claim it preventions long-term irritation. This depends soley up to you, however; I truly suggest to tweeze when the skin is more towards the drier side, because the tiny individual hairs can be easier, as well as, more precise when using the tweezers to grip the hairs out. If the tweezing process is too painful for you and you don't want to use ice or any other remedy I mentioned previously, try dabbing some anbelsol (sp?) over the entire area you plan to tweeze. It also helps to apply a dab (and just one) of aloe skin gel. It is best to tweeze, using tweezers with a pointed or slanted tip to start, as they tend to grip the hairs best.

It is extremely important to always tweeze below the natural brow line. You don't wanna end up doing anything risky, just yet, as you are just beginning to define your natural lashes. As you tweeze, you want to follow the natural arch of your brow. It is extremely important to take your time and not to rush. Use the top of the brow as a guide on how to shape the bottom. Tweeze the hairs out towards the ears, in the direction in which they grow. Remove stray hairs individually, rather than in groups. In fact, I truly recommend that you do not tweeze too many hairs at once.

Continue to take your time. Once you have removed several brows, put down the tweezers and stop what you are doing. Step back and slowly concentrate on your eyebrows. How are you doing? Are you satisifed with the results? Remember, the key is making them as natural as possible, but with enough enhancement to know a difference. Always remember also, you can always tweeze more hairs out later, but please make sure you haven't over tweezed or you will have to suffer for several weeks or until the phaux brow line grows back.

Some people have to take time to go to salons to have their tweezing done. I have never been to a salon to get my eyebrows done ever. I've done them myself, in the comfort of my own home and you can too. With these tips you can have the confidence and will power to do so, as well. It is very important that you do the following:

• Tweeze your eyebrows in a room with plentiful light.
(Although daylight is recommended, if you have a lot of light, you can see perfectly.)• Use good tweezers, the one that can hold the hair tightly. (Good tweezers doesn't necessarily mean "more expensive" or "name brand", it simply means, a tweezer that can grip onto the hairs.)• Tweeze brows when your skin is at it's driest. (As I recommended previously, it's best to tweeze hair at it's driest. However; if that doesn't work for you, you can try the other options I provided for you.)• Use a moisturizer after you are done with tweezing. (Use something that is subtle, that is hypo-allergenic and won't irriate the skin. Most of the time, when you are done tweezing, you will have a natural irritation, however; some products can actually increase the irritant and make things much worse. The key is using a good moisturizer.)
You're done. You're ready. Now it's time to show off your new look and your new eyebrows.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Home remedies for acne

As a woman who has suffered from acne in her teens, I can tell you that as practical as acne may be, it is much more serious than people realize. It not only effects you physically, but mentally, socially, and emotionally. In fact, depending on the seriousness of acne, most of the time it's a rather problematic health issue. You feel like you wanna self destruct because it isn't something that will go away, right away. Although, I have never went to the dermatologist nor visited any medical professional to be treated for my acne, I've learned to manage it on my own and eventually get rid of it completely.

Regardless of being efficient or effective, treating acne is much more complicated than people realize. The basic key to getting rid of acne is great hygiene, good nutrition, relieving stress, good exercise regime, and maintaining/gaining self-esteem. As hard as it is to stay immune to sanity, the key is keeping an open mind and remaining, as optimistic as possible. If you can understand the variety of natural remedies that dermatologists and other medical professionals treat acne and the options available, you can fight acne right in the comfort of your own home.

There are a variety of treatments and options for individuals with acne. I am going to share with you some amazing natural, holistic remedies to which I have used and have worked. Some of them include:

1.) GOOD HYGIENE! It is important to keep yourself clean. In fact, it is extremely important. A regime of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your face, as well as, your entire body. You want to wash with lukewarm/warm water as this will open pours and then follow up using cold water, to close your pours. No NOT use a loofah or a scrubber, but use a wash cloth or a disposable scrubber.

2.) CLEAN HOUSE! Germs spread an array of ways. It is extremely important to keep the environment, in which you live, clean. If this means taking the time out of your day to wash areas of the kitchen and bathroom, it is best that you do so. Also, wash your pillows, as well as, pillowcases often. If it means changing your sheets everyday and even inspecting your bed area, than do it. Believe it or not, little things like this do contribute towards acne.

3.) DENTAL CARE! It is also very important to have great dental hygiene. It is very important to brush your teeth at least five times a day (it may seem like a lot, but in due time it will develop into a habit, a habit you will be happy to have made). You want to brush, floss, and rinse daily. After you eat lunch at work, go to the bathroom and rinse out your mouth with water. If you have a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and rinse with you, that would be better.

4.) ASPIRIN! Although I have discovered personally, that Aspirin can help, through my own experience, I've heard that some medical professionals recommend using aspirin daily (especially if you suffer from an acute case of acne) and including aspirin in your daily skincare regime. Sarah's Acne Treatment - 1 cup of Vaseline, 1/2 cup of Milk, 1/4 cup of Vinegar, 1 Egg Yolk, 1-2 Aspirin (crushed/smashed), and 5 drops of Saline.

5.) WATER! Yes, water. It is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Do NOT drink sugar based drinks and diet drinks. Avoid eating foods with too many carbohydrates and foods with low/no carbohydrates. You want to eat from all food groups from the food pyramid - breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the exception of a few snacks.

6.) SUNLIGHT! Even though some people believe the sun is your enemy, in reality it is your best friend. Some professionals believe that the sun is really good for your skin because as it promotes vitamin D, it's radiation, as well as rays are so powerful, it invades your body like an abyss and helps control hormonal balance, which contributes to acne. Without the help of a medical professional, I've discovered that this does have the potential of working.

7.) CATNIP! Believe it or not, as unpractical as this sounds, catnip is truly one of the best natural remedies to treat acne. I actually learned about this on my own, when I took this amazing eclectic herb to treat my insomnia. It is scientifically safe, when it is consumed in small mg and provides an array of nutrients that are beneficial towards the skin. As a result, this herb decreases acne.

8.) SPINACH! Although it is not recommended to eat a lot of vitamin K, there is at least 500 mg of vitamin K in spinach. Because of this, it makes vitamin K easy to consume on a daily basis. Spinach is best to eat in anyway. As healthy as this fluent food is individually, it possesses an elemental nutrient that erases acne. I didn't think this worked, until I ate it and days after I had an acne spell, it disappeared immediately. I usually just purchase the bagged spinach and instead of eating lettuce, I eat spinach. It is healthier, tastes better, and also looks better.

9.) SAUNA! If you can get to a place where a sauna is located and get a package, that is amazing. If your local gym has a sauna, well that is even better. I've noticed that the sauna truly did wonders for my skin. As you lay in the sauna, do not be afraid to apply clay soil or mud, onto your on your skin. A friend of mine uses egg whites on her face, while she relaxes in a sauna and her skin is incredible. It is also recommended to visit a sauna at least 5 days a week.

10.) GINGER! As one of the most practical herbs in the world today, ginger works as more than adding color, spice, and flavor to your favorite dish. This amazingly fluent herb possesses an array of compounds that work towards fighting individual bacterias that cause acne. It is best to consume Ginger with tea, however; it works well in your favorite dish. Got sushi?

11.) ACTIVITY! Believe it or not, stress is a huge contribution to acne. The ultimate goal is becoming motivated to be active in something you like or enjoy, enough to forget about your acne. Try to be active or motivated in things you enjoy whether that be swimming or reading a book or watching a movie or planting a tree or writing on

12.) ORGANIC! Now is the time to switch your diet and go organic. Organic does NOT mean becoming a vegetarian, it simply means increasing your eating habit stance and changing your lifestyle. When a food has the organic label on it, it simply means it has been inspected and proved to be organic. There are an array of organic products in the world today and some of them can be found in our local grocery stores. If you still are not convinced, visit an Earth Fare or Whole Foods and check out the unlimited organic products. Also, do not hesitate to switch to organic haircare, skincare, dental care, and also cosmetics. It is important NOT to be afraid to take risks. If by risk, means using natural or organic facial masks and peels, as well as, good home remedy scrub for the face and for the body, so be it.

13.) EXERCISE! It is important to make some time to exercise. You don't have to exercise 24/7, just enough that you can feel motivated enough to do. If you aren't sure what to do, rent "Richard Simmons Sweat in To The Oldies" or "Carmen Electra's Striptease" or Yoga and Thai Chi. If you still aren't convinced, visit a personal trainer, so they can set you up on a great workout plan and regime. Other activities such as walking your dog or rollerskating down the street, and more...also contribute to exercise, although a nice exercise regime is best.

14.) DANDELION! We know them as the cute, yellow, innocent flowers that grow in our yards to let us know that Spring here. However; don't be intimidated this cute, yellow innocent little flower. As cute as it may appear, it provides an array of nutrients and compounds that evidentially erase a variety of bacterias, including those that cause acne. Dandelions possess no individual toxins or poisons, so they are edible. If you have acne and you see one, pick it up, rinse it off, and eat it.

15.) GARLIC! It may smell bad, as well as, taste bad raw, but don't underestimate this powerful, yet practical herb. Used in an array of individual cuisine and dishes around the globe, Garlic proves to be ultimate immune to promoting healthy skin and fighting acne. If you mash a piece of garlic raw, chew it up, and swallow it, it is very helpful towards fighting acne.

As you continue this regime, you will not only notice results, but you will gain a strong conception of life and you will develop a self-esteem so strong and so big, it's only competition is the Great Wall of China. Other natural remedies used to treat acne include: Gold, Red Wine, Witch Hazel, Ricotta Cheese, Zinc, Tea Tree Oil, Papaya, Licorice Root, Wild Rosemary, Flaxseed, Black Cohosh, German Chamomile, Mint, Yeast, Frost Weed, Red Clover, Walnuts, Graphite, Peony Root, and Calendula.

It is very unfortunate that many people around the world are effected by this problematic, yet common health issue, some people are misdiagnosed. Please use these natural remedies with caution. If you believe nothing has worked and your insomnia persists, please consult your physician for a proper diagnosis.