Thursday, March 11, 2010

Small Tour Of Humane Society In Beaverhead County

Sarah takes you through a small tour of the Beaverhead County Humane Society, located in Dilon, MT on Monday, February 22nd. If you are searching for the perfect companion, I truly recommend getting them from here. The animals are beautiful, healthy, and friendly and would love to be apart of your home.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Makeup Tips

Winter is the season that lies in between Fall and Spring. It is a time that usually starts towards the end of the year. Winter is a season that is filled with an aura that is possesses rapid climate change in temperatures that are generally colder. It is one of my favorite seasons, as it is the season that represents some of the biggest holidays, which are amazing to look forward to, as a result. I love Winter, so I have decided to let you in on some of the most important Winter make-up tips.


How To Find Online Shopping Coupons

Online shopping coupons are much easier to find than you think. In fact, almost too easy. Once you discover that you can find real savings, you can encourage yourself to save even more. The holidays are approaching and you owe it to yourself to take advantage of these offers. I have decided to make it easier for you, as I have narrow down the numerous websites that allow you to save only the best.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be Mine! Valentine's Day Inspired Make-Up Look

Valentine's Day is a day filled with nothing but love and romance. Filled with nothing but amorous and excitement, this day represents a sense of pride and joy for the average couple. It is a day that is only cherished by those that feel a passionate aura for a significant other and those that are in utter exhilaration with that special someone.

One thing to look forward to this special day is preparing the way you want to wear your make-up. After endless contemplation, you realize that you have an array of options. The Be Mine Valentine's Day inspired make-up look was created from the heart, with love in mind. You don't have to run out of ideas because with this look, it is truly ideal.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Interviewing Karen O'Connor: One of the Best Colorists on the Planet

I recently had my hair done at one of the most undiscovered hair salons in Dillon, Montana. Iin the heart of Dillon, on 122 N. Montana St., lies, Hair Care Unlimited. I found one of the best hair stylists that I have had the chance to come across, Karen O'Connor. Recently this talented woman fixed my hair using a color-correcting system, followed by a toning and conditioning regime. Shortly afterward, she gave my hair toned highlights and was able to still control the brass, making my hair look better.

I had the perfect opportunity to talk to O'Connor, a former Redken educator and color expert stylist, about hair care, and here is what she had to say.

Sarah - Tell me a little about yourself Karen and your background.

Karen - I have been a hair designer for 44 years (I am the oldest designer in Dillon) har har! I am married to Terry. I have 2 beautiful daughters Melissa, 41 and Tina, 37. I also have 2 cats.

Sarah - Did you wake up one morning and say "I am going to be a hairdresser today" or "I am going to be doing hair for the rest of my life"? I know behind every great artist lies a source of inspiration. Tell me, what inspired or influenced you to do hair?


The Basic Face

The basic face is nothing more than enhancing your features with some of the best scientifically safe mediums, provided by a multi-billion dollar business. You could be in a room, wearing the same clothing as a hundred other women, but if your make-up looks good, you will stand out and look like a million bucks. If you are uncertain of what the basic face consists of, that is ok, as I will help guide you on your way. Remember, make-up should never be rocket science, so the time is now to this be your ultimate beauty guide to the basic face.

You want to first begin by prepping your skin. Aside from your basic skin care regimen (which should consist of a cleanse, tone, and moisture routine), you want to apply a foundation primer directly to the skin. Your skin should be clean, yet dry. If you are looking for a good foundation primer, I truly recommend Laura Mercier's Primer, as it is formulated for every skin type and works well with all foundations.

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A Look at the Best Silver Eye Shadows

Silver is a metallic color that holds a lot of boldness in the makeup industry. Whether you want to wear this striking shade with pink or teal or even black, it always manages to look astounding, as a result. One thing is certain, there are many silver eye shadows in the market, however; what separates the best from the worst is overall product and actual pigmentation. I have decided to narrow down the many silver eye shadows to only the best ones.

When it comes to Mac Cosmetics, they never fail to disappoint. In fact, I don't think I have ever used an eye shadow from this amazing make-up entity that I didn't like. Their eye shadows are very pigmented, as they are quite long-lasting. The color pay-off is fantastic. One of my favorite silver eye shadows is definitely "Electra" which is a beautiful, vibrant silver with a pale shimmer. I love this shade because the color is so intense, but can be worn dramatically or naturally without looking like a mess. Another favorite is definitely "Forgery" which is a sterling silver lustre and if you are looking for something more platinum and lighter, I would definitely recommend "Filament" which is a platinum silver lustre. Mac's eye shadows are only $14.50 and you definitely get what you pay for. In fact, I would say the expectations are exceeded as a result.

A Look at the Best Gold Eye Shadows

Gold is the color of many amazing, yet beautiful things. Gold is the color of many important things, including eye shadow. Gold eye shadow symbolizes confidence and a sense of exoticness that is not only rare, but elite. One thing is certain, I absolutely love gold eye shadow, so I have decided to narrow down the numerous gold eye shadows to only the best.

One thing that I truly love about Mac Cosmetics is the fact that they never fail to dissatisfy their clients. If you are looking for a great gold eye shadow, look no further as Mac has several. One of my favorite gold eye shadows is definitely "Nylon" which is a pale gold with icy shimmer and frost. It works amazing with just about any shade and is fantastic for blending colors. Another favorite gold eye shadow is definitely "Goldmine" which is an intense gold with a frosty shimmer. If you are looking for subtle, yet dramatic that can be built, I truly recommend "Gorgeous Gold" which is a soft, muted yellow gold pearl. If you are looking for great eye shadows, you just cannot go wrong with Mac's. Whether "Tis The Season" or "Happy Birthday" or "Just Because" for only $14.50 in change, you or the person who receives them is destined to love that much more so, as a result.

A Look at the Best Black Matte Eye Shadows

If you love matte eye shadow, more than likely, you will recognize there is a lot to discover about this very variable color. Black matte eye shadow can be worn in more ways than one because the color itself is a true essence of color, which collaborates with all shades of the spectrum. Whether you want to wear it with a pink or a blue or even a silver, this popular shade proves why it is quite universal, making it sublimely flexible, as a result.

It is a well known fact that the cosmetic market is huge, as is the eye shadow souk within the beauty fĂȘte itself. Every company around the world spends time working, creating only the hottest and vibrant black eye shadows. One thing is certain, I love black eye shadow, so I have decided to narrow down the thousands of different black matte eye shadows to only the best.
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A Look at the Best White Matte Eye Shadows

Searching for a decent eye shadow can be tough, that is certain, but searching for a white matte eye shadow can be tougher. I know this because I have tried. In my search I have discovered that white matte eye shadows look fantastic with just about any color and shade under the sun, if they are worn properly. I have to admit, although black and white differ, they are actually more alike than what most people realize. I absolutely love white matte eye shadow, so I have decided to taper down the many white matte eye shadows in the cosmetic business to only the best.

If you are looking for a fantastic matte white eye shadow, look no further than Mac Cosmetics. Despite being quite a scarcity, "Gesso" is truly one of the best matte white eye shadows to exist in planet beauty. For only $14.50, "Gesso" is one of my favorite matte white eye shadows because it provides one of the best color pay-offs I have ever achieved, as well as, received from an eye shadow cosmetic.

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Eggnog-Inspired Makeup Look for the Holidays

One of the best things about the holidays is the lights and decorations, as well as, festivities. But one can also agree that one of the best things about the holidays is the food. In fact, the holidays without the seasonal food is like winter without the snow. And let's face it, nothing says "Happy Holidays" more than eggnog. I have decided to create a holiday inspired makeup look that is fun and fab that anyone can wear.

You want to start by applying your foundation. Whether you want to wear a primer is completely optional, however; if you want your makeup to last, then I totally suggest it. Once you have completed your regular foundation routine, you can also apply conceal. After you have applied everything you want, you can go ahead and apply something to set your foundation. This can be anything from a translucent powder to mica powder to setting powder to even an array of skin finishes. If you are looking for a great skin finish product, I definitely recommend Mac's "Mineral Skin Finish" as it is light, but also natural and quite effective.

As you can continue, you want to prime your entire lid. Although a primer is usually necessary and optional for many inspired looks, for the eggnog inspired makeup look, we are going to use Mac's Paint Pot in "Bare Canvas" which is a beautiful champagne shade with shimmer. You want to first start out by applying this product all over the lid up to the brown bone.

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An Interview with Fabiola Gutierrez, Creator of New Makeup Line BFierce

If you haven't heard of BFierce Cosmetics, you are truly missing out one of the newest, hottest original makeup lines on the planet. Not only is BFierce making many waves, but it is also making a huge splash as a result. I had the perfect opportunity to talk with the CEO Ms. Fabiola Gutierrez about this cool, yet strikingly hip line and this is what she had to say.

Sarah - Tell me a little more about BFierce Cosmetics...

Fabiola - Inspired by the latest trends in fashion and makeup artistry brought upon BFierce Cosmetics. Due to high demands and customers expectations to look and achieve flawless model looks cause the owner and founder of BFierce Cosmetics to not only take makeup artistry classes to learn the professional techniques, but to also do an extensive research to find beauty products that would meet customers expectations. As a teen, I myself wanted to look like the beautiful models in magazines but unfortunately had a very bad acne problem. Some products worsen the issue instead of resolving which cause me to become self conscious. Later was I introduced to the well known brand of MAC Cosmetics. For years I had become a loyal MAC customer, that is until after tons of research came across other cosmetic products which are safe to use, with a huge product selection, same pigmentation and better quality. Some products of which stay on longer, do not cake or fade and work to its full extend to achieve that flawless, FIERCE look without causing damage to your skin!!!! No more imperfections... Look fabulous, BFierce!!!!

Sarah - Behind every beauty innovator lies an amazing source of inspiration and influence, as a result. I am curious to know, what or who inspired you to create BFierce Cosmetics?

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