Thursday, January 27, 2011

My first YouTube video

I am posting this from my phone, so I am uncertain if this will go through. Yesterday I decided to upload my first You Tube video. I am a rock/soul singer, however; I wanted to demonstrate some minor vocal abilities by performing a general vocal run, before I attempt to do a full video of me singing a song.

I recorded this using Youtube's record from webcam feature. Although the video and audio quality is relatively poor, you can kind of get an idea of what I am about.

More to come. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guide to Inexpensive Cosmetic Brands

Cosmetics are a huge part of our lives. Whether we wear it once or twice a day or any at all, in our lifetime, cosmetics have proved to be the ultimate way of the future. As scientifically safe as cosmetics are, they provide an enhancement that is rather undefined. It's a well known fact that the vast majority of status quo society is looking to save more, rather than spend. Not everyone can afford upscale brands such as Dior, Afshar Beauty, Chanel, Anna Sui, Taysha Smith Valez, Lancome, Make Up For Ever, NARS, Tarte, Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown, and MAC; making their quest to finding good cosmetics, for an affordable price very hard, as a result.

Popular commercial cosmetic brands such as Loreal, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Revlon, and Max Factor provide an array of products that are as universal as the individual that uses them on a daily basis. These brands are very affordable, however; they are not the cheapest cosmetics to those looking to save even more. I have decided to take it a step further, so I have narrowed it down to the top 20 cheapest cosmetic brands, I personally had the opportunity to come across.

1.) E.L.F. It's not everyday you come across a website that asks for only $1 for the majority of their products, plus a reasonable shipping charge. In the case of E.L.F. that is exactly what this cheap beauty brand does. What makes E.L.F. an amazingly fluent, yet cheap beauty brand is the fact that the products are mixed with raw simplicity and eclecticism, making them as universal as the individual that wears them. Are you intrigued? Simply visit:
E.L.F. today!

2.) WILD AND CRAZY It is not every day that you can find a brand of makeup that works modestly that is relatively cheap, as a result. Available at Cherry Culture, Wild and Crazy proves why it is one of the cheapest makeup brands in the world today. If you want to get wild and crazy without spending a fortune, check this underrated brand out today. Simply visit:
Wild and Crazy or Cherry Culture right now!

3.) AMUSE A friend of mine told me she started using Amuse cosmetics and although she was impressed with their universalism and simplicity, she found herself addicted to their individual products. Stating "they exceed their worth, by far". The products range from Amuse "brush on eyeshadow" to Amuse "glitter mascara". They also have an 84 eyeshadow pallet for about $15, which makes them more affordable than the average makeup. Amuse cosmetics are available at Cherry Culture. Are you interested in knowing more? Just visit:
Amuse right now!

4.) JORDANA I was in search of a nice pencil. Not just any pencil, but an eyeliner pencil, that worked as an eyeshadow. In my quest, I had the opportunity to discover Jordana cosmetics. To my knowledge, I recognized that they provided an array of products that summarized beauty for what it is, on a great budget for those looking for cheap, yet quality cosmetics. You just cannot go wrong with this amazingly unique, yet brilliant cosmetic brand. Is this intriguing enough? If so, check out:
Jordana now.

5.) WET 'N WILD When I was a little girl and I was moderately poor due to my parent's divorce, I use to walk to the store and look at the Wet 'n Wild cosmetics display. Although it wasn't often, I managed to scrounge up $.99 to purchase a cute, yet visible lipstick. As time proceeded, I realize that after 17 years, at the mere age of 10 up until present, that Wet 'n Wild truly is one of the finest, credible, cheap brands in the world and still continues to make a mark in the business industry, as a result. For Wet 'n Wild to still exist, while remaining true to their ethic truly proves why they are number 5 in top best beauty brands. Want to know more? Simply visit:
Wet n Wild right now.

6.) MILANI One night, a friend and I got into a very rational, yet deep discussion about cosmetics. She told me that she was serious about Milani cosmetics and that they give some of the elite brands a run for their money. Although, I wasn't convinced, I decided to purchase a lip pencil from Walgreens, which only came to a little over $1 and when I used it, I realized how right she actually was. As cheap as Milani is, it's quality and you get much more than you pay for, as a result. Want to know more? Simply visit:
Milani today!

7.) BLAH BLAH Whether trendy or looking for something hot, cute, and sweet, Blah Blah cosmetics is your brand. I absolutely find Blah Blah cosmetics to be quite original, in comparison to most beauty brands, as the concepts are rather eclectic and daring. One of the most original products on the beauty market is the "Blah Blah iGloss" which is in the shape of an iPod and possesses an array of gloss. It comes in blue, pink, purple, and green and it only costs $2.99. Doesn't that sound amazing? Blah Blah cosmetics are available at Cherry Culture.

8.) SANTEE I first heard about Santee cosmetics through a friend, when asking how she managed to find a good, quality lip liner that stayed throughout the day. She wasn't hesitate to mention about Santee and even mentioned that she started using everyone of their products. Whether for the eyes or the mouth, Santee cosmetics has it all. Available at Cherry Culture, My favorite product is definitely the "Auto Lip Pencil" in natural. The individual product is marketed for $2, it is on sale all of the time for just $1.

9.) L.A. COLORS You don't have to be a resident of Los Angeles, to enjoy L.A. Colors cosmetics. I have to admit, L.A. Colors is a great brand for many reasons that go beyond their cheap price tag. My favorite product by L.A. Colors is definitely the "All N One Makeup" which is a big, fat, jump pencil that works for the lips, eyes, face, etc. This definitely gives MAC's shade stick a run for it's money. The colors range from Beyond Black to Sterling Silver to Blue Ice to Sheer Lilac to Taupe to Amethyst to Ice Pearl, and more and guess what, this amazing product is $2. Does that sound awesome or what? L.A. Colors is available at Cherry Culture.

10.) KISSYWEAR The name is cute, but the products are even cuter. KissyWear cosmetics is ultimately one of the greatest cheap cosmetic brands in the world today. What I love most is their use of colors, in comparison to most makeup brands. If you are looking for something shocking, purchase the "Neon Lime Kissywear Nail Polish" for only $1.99. You can find Kissywear products at Cherry Culture.

11.) STARRY Lost in the night and can't sleep, hoping to find affordable cosmetics. Look no further, as Starry cosmetics provides an array of product, destined to fulfill your ultimate makeup fix. What is interesting is, they has a lip plumping product called "Starry kiss me lip plumping" which is only about $1.60 and although I have not personally tried this, there are many people who have, that said it works great. Starry also provides a lip plumping gloss called "Starry Lip Plumping" which is only 39 cents more. Starry cosmetics are available at Cherry Culture.

12.) ZALAN Whether you are searching for quality or quantity, it is extremely important to add Zalan cosmetics to the top of your list. Zalan has a variety of products that range from lipstick and lip gloss to bath and body and more. One of my favorite individual products is definitely the "Sweet Treat Lip gloss" which is only $1. Are you intrigued? Interested in knowing more? Simply visit:
Zalan right now. Zalan cosmetics are also available at Cherry Culture.

13.) L.A. GIRL You don't have to be an LA girl to enjoy L.A. Girl cosmetics. What I love most about this amazingly affordable makeup brand is their lip pencil, as well as, their eyeliner. You can purchase them both for only $2 each. Although the colors and concepts are original, but I love most of all is the fact the makeup exceeds your expectations, creating dopamine, making you sublimely addicted, as a result. It's truly great, I would say. Want to know more? Simply visit:
LA Girl USA today! L.A. Girl cosmetics are also available at Cherry Culture.

14.) NYX Out of every cheap makeup brand on the market, NYX cosmetics are the closest to professionalism and quality. Why? Their products are incredible and practically very much like some of the upscale brands such as Bobbi Brown and MAC. In fact, some of their products in comparison exceed some of the upscale brands. With products such as "Fruit Gloss" and "Glitter Powder", this amazingly fluent makeup brand proves you don't have to be cheap, to prove you are quality. Want to know more? Simply visit:
NYX right now. You can find great NYX products (including new products at Cherry Culture.

15.) PRINCESSA Calling all makeup princesses looking to find cheap, quality makeup. Look no further, as Princessa cosmetics are waiting for you. With products for the eyes, the lips, and the face, among more, Princessa cosmetics is destined to catch your attention. My favorite products range from Princessa "Liquid Eyeshadow" for only $1.99 to Princessa "3 in 1 Pencil" for only $1.99. It only gets better, trust me. Princessa cosmetics are available at Cherry Culture.

16.) KLEANCOLOR One of the most practical, yet unique and original cheap makeup brands is definitely, Kleancolor cosmetics. With almost every beauty product you can think of, Kleancolor proves they are ultimately worth your inquiry. One of my favorite products is definitely Kleancolor "Roll-On Shimmery Eyeshadow Powder" which give MAC's pigments a run for the money. Sound interesting enough? Kleancolor cosmetics are available at Cherry Culture.

17.) N.Y.C. You don't have to reside in New York to enjoy N.Y.C. (New York Color) cosmetics. 9 times out of 10, when frequenting your local retailer, you will see N.Y.C. cosmetics. Everything from lipstick and lip gloss to eyeshadow and eye pencil, and more, this influential cheap makeup brand possesses more than what it is worth. Tons more! The price for these amazingly affordable cosmetics start at just a $1. N.Y.C. cosmetics are available at your local drug store or Walmart. Want to know more? Simply visit:
N.Y.C. today!

18.) THE COLOR WORKSHOP If you are traveling to Walmart or Target, whether today, tomorrow, or in the future, you are more than likely to come across an array of individual beauty products that are The Color Workshop. During Christmas time, I have personally seen The Color Workshop makeup kits all throughout the entire store. Although, this is not a stand alone makeup brand, The Color Workshop proves their long lasting makeup is worth it's very cheap price tag. These cosmetics are available at Walmart.

19.) BARRY M One of my most favorite, affordable brands is definitely, Barry M cosmetics. Despite being a vegetarian and appreciating them for their "pro" stance on ethical treatment for animals, what I love most about them is the fact they are quite possibly one of the most underrated, quality, affordable brands in the world today. They possess over 400 colors for the eyes alone and that doesn't end there. Want to know more? Simply visit:
Barry M today!

20.) SPLASH Although it may be making many waves by being one of the most affordable makeup brands on the planet, Splash cosmetics proves to be making many splashes, as a result. My favorite Splash product is definitely the "Splash 7 Coastliner" for eyes. Not only does this come in an extensive set of colors and shades, but they are only $2. Want to know more? Simply visit:
Splash or check out Cherry Culture right now.

Most of these "cheap" makeup brands are supported by an actual entity, that provides a website or some medium, that allows you to purchase them directly. However; some of them are not and are only available at select stores. You can most likely find an array of cheap products using the eBay medium, however; if you are looking for professional cosmetics or any on an upscale wavelength, it is important to take caution before purchasing.

You may also be able to find an array of affordable brands by doing, what is often referred to as "swaps" which is like a makeup trade. Most of the time, you can find stuff that has never been used, however; some people do tend to trade cosmetics they have used once. I, personally, have never done it, however; I have friends who have and have said nothing, but wonderful things about it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Matte Red Lipsticks of 2010

When it comes to wearing matte red lipsticks, just about every woman under the sun can pull it off. Whether very light or very dark, there is often a red lipstick that works well for the right skin tone and with the right matte red lipstick, every woman can not only look sexy and polished, they can feel it too. Although matte red lips dignify an elegance of sophistication, they reflect on a woman's individualism. When a woman wears red lips, she is acknowledged and well often branded as classy and affluent, as a result. I have decided to narrow down the many fabulous matte red lipsticks in the beauty industry to only the best of 2010.

Mac Cosmetics is a makeup brand that understands what many women want, especially out of their makeup bag. I first discovered this vastly underestimated brand years ago when shopping at Belk in the Georgia Square Mall and I have been quite an enthusiast ever since. Although Mac Cosmetics is notorious for providing you with some of the best pigmented eye products on the planet, they also have managed to create incredible lip products too, including lipsticks. Matte red lipsticks are very becoming of the everyday woman, as they represent just about every era under the sun. Mac Cosmetics has taken liberty of this concept and developed several matte red lipsticks that work for every skin tone.

If you are looking for an intense cool red, you are destined to love "Russian Red" which is exactly just that. This lipstick shade looks amazing with women who possess a more rosy skin tone versus a woman with a warm skin tone. If you are looking for an intense warm red, you are going to clearly love "Chili" which is a warm matte red. This color is outstanding for those women that have warmer skin tones with more of a yellow undertone versus a pink undertone in their skin. "Ruby Woo" is a very vibrant bluish red shade that looks incredible on ladies that possess a rosy undertone versus a yellow underlying quality.

If you are looking for a neutral red that goes well with both skin tones, I truly recommend "Lady Danger" which is a very bright, yet colorful coral red. All of these lipsticks look great when wearing your makeup dramatically, however; if you want just a little something extra and want attention to your lips without overdoing your makeup, matte red lipsticks are the way to go. For only $14.50, you can purchase these lipsticks at your nearest Mac counter or Mac's official website and wear them proudly.
Another NARS lipstick matte red color that is really popular is definitely "Scarlett Express" which is a semi matte cool red. This matte red shade has a very visible blue undertone, so this color looks the best on women with rosy undertones. Matte red lipsticks are a normality in the beauty industry, but finding a good one is a rarity. I don't know about you, but when I look for a lipstick of the sort, I am quite selective. NARS continues to prove why they are one of the best makeup brands on the planet. Separating fact from fiction, this highly growing internationally known beauty entity demonstrates why they are at the top of their game. They are reasonably acknowledged for their high quality blushes and lip glosses, but what you don't know is they provide you with some of the best lipsticks in the world today, including matte red lip color.

One of ultimate favorite matte red lipsticks of 2010 is clearly Dior Rouge Lipstick in "526 Action Red" which is a vibrant warm red. Although I am tanned and possess a cool undertone, this lipstick shade looks absolutely amazing on me. I like to wear this when I want to draw attention to my lips, however; when I want to extend and expand my current dramatic makeup look, I like to wear this shade. Another great Dior favorite within the Rouge line is definitely "999 Celebrity Red" which is Dior's most popular matte red lipstick. It is a very deep, yet very bright red. It's more on a cool undertone wavelength, so it looks amazing on women with cool undertones. Whether you are enormously fair or enormously dark, if you have a cool tinge to your skin tone, it will look astonishing on you. These lipsticks are available at Sephora, but you can also purchase them at your nearest Dior counter or from the official website. For $29, I can tell you, the reader, that you get what you pay for.Let's face it, Dior has always been an upmarket, yet prosperous, high end, globally known brand.

Even though Dior is fairly acknowledged for their place in fashion, their beauty products are truly making many ways. I first discovered this brand when I read Allure magazine and saw that their mascara won numerous awards. Instantaneously, I fell in love with the product, as I purchased it at Sephora and have been a Dior addict since. After trying an array of beauty products by this very genteel beauty brand, I discovered they had a lot of great lip products, including lipsticks.

Some other shades include "Jungle Red" which is a very dramatic red that goes great with just about every skin tone, but looks relatively immaculate on women of color, "Shanghai Express" which is a semi matte warm brick red, which looks amazing on women with warmer complexions, and "Heat Wave" which is a semi matte orange red that looks wonderful on women who have a yellow undertone to their skin, rather than a rosy one. For as great as these lip colors are, you can purchase one at your nearest NARS counter or at Sephora for just $24.

Illamasqua is a beauty brand that is inspired by color and formula, so when it comes to red lipsticks, they know how to create the perfect one. It is a brand that mixes business with pleasure and as a result, makes women worldwide, sublimely happy. I can actually admit, after trying their products that I am a fan. Whether you are looking for the ultimate skin product, eye product, or lip product, Illamasqua has it. They also have some of the best lipsticks, plus an array of matte red lip shades and for only $22, you can purchase an Illamasqua lipstick from Sephora or the Illamasqua website.

One of my ultimate favorite matte red lipstick shades of 2010 is without a doubt "Tramp". Tramp is a very true, yet bright red matte shade. I am an NC42 in Mac cosmetics (and if you know anything about Mac, you would know that I am fairly tan, but possess a cool undertone to my skin rather than a warm) and this lipstick shade looks wonderful on me. Another favorite is definitely "Maneater" which is a classic red. I find that this lipstick looks amazing on everyone.

Whether you have a cool or warm undertone to your skin or whether you are black or white, this lipstick shade was created for every woman. Other favorites include: "Box" which is a stunning deep scarlet red that looks amazing on women with fair skin colors with a cool undertone and women of color with a warm undertone, "Drench" which is a matte berry red that looks phenomenal on women with cool skin tones preferably more so than warm, and "Encounter" which is a matte brick red that looks incredible on women with warm skin tones precisely more so than cool.

Did you ever discover a beauty brand that doesn't think in or outside of the box? I don't know about you, but I love beauty brands that actually include everything, rather than just stuff I personally want. Everyone is different and not everyone is going to think alike nor will they think on the same wavelength. One of the best qualities about Make Up For Ever is that they are all about that. Make Up For Ever is one of those beauty brands that just has everything you are looking for. The created managed to innovate these products based on concepts by the people, rather based on implication and implied opinions. One of the best kept secrets is clearly their matte lipstick shades. My favorite is definitely from the Rouge Artist Intense line and it is called "8". 8 is just a nice matte dazzling red. I love to wear this when I wear red in my wardrobe.

Another favorite is a Make Up For Ever lipstick and it is called "Intense Red 506" which is clearly a classic red. This color looks amazing on women who wear light or dark colors, but want to play up their features. This color also looks great on those that are inspired by the 20s, 30s, and 40s era. For just $19, you can have Make Up For Ever's matte red lipsticks in your beauty bag right now.

The best beauty essentials always come in threes and are related to the face, the eyes, and the lips. Kind of like a skincare regime of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. The essence of color also applies to the three by three rule. That is one reason to love Shu Uemura. They make great products for the face, for the eyes, and now for the lips. Their lipsticks are something to value, as they deliver prestige. One of the best matte red lipsticks of 2010 is clearly Shu Uemura's Crème Matte Lipstick in "True Red 165 M" which is very bright, yet vibrant cool red. This lipstick shade looks extraordinary on women that have a cool undertone. Whether you are fair, light, beige, medium, tan, dark, or deep and you possess a cool undertone, you will look amazing wearing this shade.

Another shade to appreciate within this line is definitely "Brick Red 738 M" which is a very vibrant warm red. This looks outstanding on women with warm undertones. So if you are fair or light or beige or medium or tan or dark or deep, you can rock this shade if have a warm undertone. If you look at your skin and your veins look green, more than likely, your skin undertone is more warm and if your veins look more blue, well your skin is more cool. Shu Uemura Crème Matte Lipstick is only $23 and you can find it at Sephora. Whether you are looking for a gift to your mother, your wife, your sister, or your daughter, I can guarantee that she would appreciate a matte red lipstick by Shu Uemura.In fact, one of my favorite matte lipsticks is a NARS lipstick and it is called "Fire Down Below" which is a rich semi matte real blood red. This lipstick shade goes great with just about every skin tone and skin color and looks best with striking makeup, but also looks terrific when you want to garner attention to your lips rather than any other feature.
Cle de Peau Beaute is beauty brand that is well known in high end department stores. Like most high end brands, some of them go unrecognized by the vast majority of status quo society who purchase the average, everyday beauty product. In this case, Cle de Peau Beaute is one of those brands. I discovered this brand when shopping at Sak's 5th Avenue and have recently come to appreciate the brand for it's wonderfully formulated products. Most of Cle de Pea Beaute's products are more expensive and are not really purchased by everyone, however; if you are looking for the best, you have to pay for it and in theory, which is reality most of the time, you always get what you pay for. One of the best matte red lipsticks is undeniably "R2" which is a very bright neutral red. This matte red lipstick shade was clearly formulated for every skin tone and skin color under the sun. Whether you are a woman of color with a cool undertone or a very light woman with a warm undertone, this lipstick shade will look absolutely amazing on you.

Kat Von D is a work of art and when she created her own makeup line trademarked under her name, she knew how to represent herself and the average woman that wants to enjoy makeup. When she created her eye products, she knew what she was doing, as when she created her lip products, she also had a goal in mind. One of her best products is definitely the Painted Love Lipstick. It comes in an array of colors that truly compliment every woman. One of favorites is definitely "Hellbent" which is an extreme blood red. This lipstick shade was designed for every skin tone. I have seen this shade on a woman that was African American who was dark skinned with a cool skin tone, as I saw this on a very fair Caucasian woman with a warm skin tone. It looks great on everyone! Kat Von D's Painted Love Lipstick is only $18 and can be purchased at Sephora.

When one thinks of experimentalism, any beauty enthusiast knows you can never single out Urban Decay. I remember walking into Sephora in Denver, CO and thinking to myself "Wow, this brand is so daring". Proving to be one of the best matte red lipstick shades in the world today, "Revolution" defines a true matte red and it's only $22. Available at Sephora, if you have a cool undertone and you are fair, light, beige, medium, tan, dark, or deep or you have a warm undertone and you are fair, light, beige, medium, tan, dark, or deep, Revolution will look amazing on you. I like to wear this lipstick shade if I want to create a 1940s inspired makeup look, if I am wearing a dramatic makeup look and need something else to compliment it, or I want to draw more attention to my lips.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kim Kardashian inspired makeup look

One of the most popular yet relatively inspiring beauty icons to date is definitely Kim Kardashian. What makes her stand out more than most is the fact she never limits herself, when it comes to applying make-up. Because of this, she can make a statement, while remaining carefree, as a result. What separates Kim from other make-up icons is her usage of dark shades such as black, grays, and silvers, as well as, her ability to wear a lot of black liner. The Kim Kardashian inspired make-up look is simple and today I am going to demonstrate why.

You want to begin by prepping your skin. This can be accomplished after a simple cleanse, tone, and moisturize regime. You want to simply prime your face using a facial/foundation primer. Any primer works, however; if you want to save money, simply use "Monistat Chafing Gel" (the ingredients in this product are relatively similar to the ingredients in primer products, as both possess a silicone base) as this works as a great base for those who are budget conscious and looking to save money. Once you have accomplished this, simply apply an eye based primer separate. Because the skin around the eye is thinner than the skin around our faces, we must use a separate primer that formulated especially for the eye. A great eye primer product is definitely "Too Faced Shadow Insurance" however; the most popular tends to be "Urban Decay's Primer Potion". Apply this directly to the lid, around the eye.

As you continue, you want to start your foundation. If you intend to have a lot of fall-out from the eye shadows and pigments, the key is applying your eye shadows and pigments before applying your foundation. Today, I am going to just apply foundation. If you want to use concealer, simply apply it generously to those problematic areas, followed by your foundation. Although brushes are not required, I find that applying with a great brush formulated for foundation and/or concealer really does do wonders. One of the best foundations is definitely "Dior's Diorskin Forever Extreme" however; any foundation will do. As you continue, you want to set that foundation by using a powder. I like to use lightweight powders that are more natural, as opposed to thick powders.

Kim has a natural glow about her that makes her smoky eye work. The key to making her look come together is contouring and highlighting. You want to take a matte brown (whether light or dark, depending on the shade of your skin) and contour the cheeks, chin, and the nose. As you continue, you want to set that powder using something lightweight. Before applying the bronzer and blush, you want to take a gold based highlight and simply take a kabuki brush and apply the gold based highlight all over the face. This highlight doesn't need to be 100% visible, so don't worry about building color. You want to then, take a bronzer (preferably a matte that is powder based) and use a kabuki brush to generously spread it all around the face and blend into the neck area. Once you accomplish this, take a pink based blush (a great blush would be "Orgasm by NARS" which I absolutely love) and apply it to the apples of your cheeks, out towards the hair line. This will not only achieve a great effect, but allow the Kim Kardashian inspired make-up look to come to life.

It is quite apparent that Kim Kardashian is notorious for using darker colors, as opposed to light colors. She is also known for her modest usage of dark grays, silvers, and blacks. You want to start by foiling your eye shadow and/or pigment. This will create a thicker, more visible base. We want to start out with a dark brown gray based eye shadow and/or pigment. If you are unsure of what shade to choose, you can also mix colors. I have mixed "Lancome's Color Design Eyeshadow" in "Couture" with a simple dark gray matte that I received in a cheap palette for Christmas. When it comes to foiling, the trick to doing this is simply dipping your eye shadow brush into a saline based solution. Some people use mixing mediums formulated especially for such, however; you can use any water based product, as long as it is clean. You want to dampen the brush moderately and then into the eye shadow and/or pigment. Most of the time foiling is used for loose eye shadows and pigments, as opposed to press eye shadows, however; you can do whatever works best for you.

When applying any shadow, it is best to use an eye shadow brush, as this will truly make the appear more natural and visible. Using a brush that is completely different or a sponge, just will not work. You want to use an eye shadow brush. You want to begin by taking that dark brown gray matte based eye shadow and/or pigment and apply it directly to the lid. For this typical look, I mixed two different eyeshadows. I used an eyeshadow by "Lancome" called "Couture" which is a dark brown matte, followed by a dark gray matte eyeshadow from a cheap eyeshadow palette. You want to apply it generously all over the lid, taking it a little passed the crease. Then you want to tone it down and blend it out.

Because Kim wears a lot of shimmer, you will notice the smoky part of her eye lonoks more matte rather than shimmer. Most of the time, Kim's outer eye is lined in black and also possesses a radical usage of black shadow around the shape. Taking a dry crease brush, you want to begin by creating a shape directly towards the outer corners of the eye, into the crease. It is important to use a black based matte eye shadow and/or pigment. I am going to use "MAC" eyeshadow in "Carbon" (which is a nice black matte eyeshadow) towards the outer corners of the eye, into the crease. You don't want to go passed the crease. Using a blending brush, you want to blend the crease until the shadow looks to be a a dark gray. It is important that your matte brown/matte dark gray based eye shadow and/or pigment is still visible, but also blends generously into the crease giving it that radical smoky eye effect.

When it comes to highlighting, you want to simply use a white shimmer eye shadow and/or pigment as a highlight. To accomplish this, all you need to do is take a highlighting eye shadow brush and apply the matte white eye shadow and/or pigment below the eye brow bone, slightly down towards the crease, into the tear duct part of the eye.

Kim is known for her radical use of black liner. You want to take a black liner (whether a retractable pen or a pencil, etc) and simply line the eye, going about only one fourth across. Taking an eye liner brush, foil it into that dark brown matte/dark gray matte based eye shadow and/or pigment and apply it generously to that area. Once you continue, take a black eye liner and simply line the water line. After you have done this, you want to line the top lash line (also known as "tightlining". Using the black liner, you can tight line the eyes. On that note, tight lining (which allows you to line your upper water line) is also something that can make this look come to life, but is not required. If you have sensitive eyes, simply avoid tight lining for the time being.

I have read that Kim is notorious for using false eye lashes, so if you believe your lashes are not dramatic enough with mascara, simply use a pair. I have never used them, so I don't mess with them. I, do, however; love my black mascara. I absolutely love "Diorshow Mascara in black" as the brush is huge and the product inside is incredible. It doesn't clump and makes my lashes look like a billion bucks. You can use whatever mascara you want and works for you, but this look calls for black mascara. Simply apply the mascara generously to your lashes, coating them dramatically.

One thing you will notice about Kim is the fact she possesses a rather light pink, almost nude lip. You can start by generously priming the lips using a lip primer or simply use a nice long-lasting balm. The key to lining your lips is using a nude based liner. Anything can work, as long as it is nude based. Taking a lip brush, you want to blend the liner out, so it will give a natural effect.

Kim uses a light pink matte lipstick followed by a pink gloss. On her blog, she has stated she uses "MAC lipstick in Angel" followed by "NARS lip gloss in Turkish Delight". Angel is a pastel pink neutral matte color, which can be duped with an array of lipstick brands. Turkish Delight is simply a pale pink pearl, which can also be duped with an array of lip gloss brands. I decided to use products that are more nude based to create this look. You want to use a pink matte lipstick, followed by a glossy pink lip gloss.

You have completed the Kim Kardashian inspired make-up look. I hope it worked for you, as it worked for myself. Good Luck!

Makeup Look: Persian inspired makeup look

Persians are known for more than their rich history and affluent culture of the Indo-Iranian persuasion, as they are known for their rarities in modern and contemporary art. Persians are also known for, of course, their makeup. What makes the Persian inspired makeup look different than the Iranian inspired makeup, Middle Eastern makeup, or even Arabic makeup look is the fact it is influenced heavily by Eurasia and inspired by Aryans. The Persian inspired makeup look is based more on a subtle shimmer, but possesses an artistic, yet relatively visible exotic glow that separates it's universalism from other makeup inspired looks.

As someone who is Iranian, being of Persian descent really makes me appreciate my culture. I can actually say that I am proud to be Iranian. However; whether you are black, white, hispanic, european, native american, or asian, you can also look amazing with the Persian inspired makeup look. The shades involved in the Persian inspired makeup look tend to be inspired by elements more so than actual colors. These elements range from gold to silver to bronze, and more. It's sublimely rare if any actual colors are involved, however; in order to balance such colors such as gold and silver together, you must apply a dark shade such as black or brown or a dark gray. This allows the makeup look to kind of elevate itself and create it's own unique standard approaching to application, rather than making it too versatile.

Let's get started! You want to first apply a foundation primer all over the face. A great foundation primer is definitely Laura Geller's Spackle Foundation Primer. Primer is a rather effective product, so you don't have to apply this fluid makeup product generously. In fact, just a little bit goes a long way. Most makeup professionals only recommend that you apply one dab or pump of the product. The primer works as a base, which allows your makeup to last longer.

Once you have applied the primer, now you can start to apply your foundation and concealer. It is extremely important that if you do wear concealer, to choose a shade that is lighter than your foundation. If your skin or foundation is a beige shade, do not choose a beige concealer. Choose something natural or light, as this will allow your makeup to look natural and when it is matted with a powder. This prevents blotchy or uneven areas of the skin, while promoting a natural highlight, as a result. Definitely don't use a concealer that is darker than your foundation or your skin will look like a mess.

After you have applied your concealer, followed by your foundation, you want to apply the powder. The powder should be transluscent, however; anything that matches your foundation would work. The shades do not have to be pristine, but try to find something that is close to your foundation shade if you cannot find the exact shade (which is very rare). Once you have applied the powder, you want to apply a peachy pink based blush that works as a luminizer. NARS has blush product called Orgasm (or even Multiple Orgasm) that would be perfect. You want to apply this to the cheeks.

As you continue, you want to line the top of your eye. The line should be straight and should extend outward past the corner. Once you have accomplished this, line the bottom, but only go half way. Do NOT touch the waterline or go the whole way. Extend the ends and connect them together, in a form of a cat eye. You want to then, take a grey/black based retractable liner or pencil and extend the bottom liner out towards the t-drop. Smashbox's has an eyeliner pencil in "dark grey" which would work amazingly. This will create a nice dramatic, yet subtle shape. Once you have done this, you want to use the same liner on the waterline. Tightlining the upper waterline is optional for this look. I tend to tightlight when I created this look because I feel that it made my eyes really pop.

After you have finished lining the eyes, you want to focus on the shadow part of the look. My advice is, before applying any kind of shadow or pigment, you want to apply a modest amount of powder under the eyes. Some people like to use baby powder. It is entirely up to you. This will prevent any fallout from the shadow or pigment from ruining your foundation. Some people like to use wet wipes to wipe off the fallout, but they will not work, as they only rub away the foundation you applied previously.

The biggest, most significant part of creating the Persian inspired makeup look is the creating an exotic look that makes a statement. You want your eyes to be dramatic, yet genuinely simple. You can enhance this look using any kind of color, however; the Persian inspired makeup look is extremely influenced by simplicity, so the colors are actually based on shades more so than actual colors.

You want to begin the eyes by applying a simple base. This can be anything from primer to an actual base. I recommend a primer. A great eye primer is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Once applied, you want to begin lining the eyes with a black liner. If you want to get the dramatic smoky eye, without the smudge or mess, it is best to use a liquid eyeliner or a gel based liner, rather than a retractable eyeliner or pencil. However; when connecting from the t-drop and into the waterline, a retractable eyeliner or pencil is highly beneficial. I also tend to use a Kajal eyeliner.

The Persian inspired makeup look is heavily influenced by dramatic shades collaborating with subtle shades that are flexible and versatile. Although, one may add color, the Persian inspired look possesses an array of shades that are inspired by elements.

When it comes to contemplating the darkest shade, it is important to use something more matte, within this type of inspired look, rather than shimmer or glitter. I am going to apply is a dark gray matte eye shadow. MAC makes a great gray eye shadow titled "Carbon". You can apply this towards the bottom of the lid, but above the liner. In fact, it should blend into the liner easily, but allow the liner to be visible. Once you have applied the eye shadow, you want to add a little bit of the black matte eye shadow to the crease. Do NOT go the full way across the crease. Only towards the corners and a little towards half way.

The neutral shade is always the main shade, because it can be added in anyway. When doing any kind of Persian inspired look, you want to use a versatile color that is considered a shade. You can use Silver or something on a Silver level. MAC makes an amazing pigment that is in "Silver", however; the color "Platinum" (which I am going to use) would work best for the Persian inspired makeup look, as it's light, but still possesses an unique shade of color that is dramatic, yet subtle. You want to apply this all over the lid, a little past the crease. You can also build color until you have achieved a visibility factor.

As you are done completing the neutral shade, you want to focus on the lightest shade. The lightest shade works best for the highlight. In fact, the lightest shade is the highlight. The key is looking for an ivory gold shade rather than just gold or just ivory. Something that is light, but clashes with another shade. You can use a matte, but I don't recommend it with the Persian inspired makeup look. A great shade would be NYX's loose pearl eye shadow in Pearl. This shade is subtle, but dramatic and possesses a raw color that provides an authentic appeal. You want to then, apply this towards the top from a little above the crease to the brow area. Also add some towards the t-drop area, as a highlight.

It is time to take a blending brush and blend the crease until all three colors are blended. You can always touch up the color, if needed. In fact, I have managed to touch up the color several times instantaneously before taking these pictures for you. Once you have finished applying your shadows, you want to take a Kabuki brush and brush away any fallout you may have. This will prevent the marks from the shadow, falling onto your face and making a mess. You can then retouch your face with your foundation powder that you used previously.

The ultimate key to getting the Persian inspired makeup look to come together is to keep your application of the product simple. Using a lash primer is entirely up to you (if you want your mascara to last longer, while creating multiple effects, as a result, I highly recommend it), however; mascara is a must. In this case, you will use black mascara. When choosing a mascara, you should choose a mascara that possesses a large brush, as this will coat the lashes. A great mascara would be Dior Show Mascara, however; there are so many on the market today that provide big brushes, followed by great product. Keep in mind, if you do choose a mascara with a large brush, to tilt your head back when applying the product. Some people use false eyelashes, I don't, however; if you do, in fact use them, you can apply them instead.

People assume that just because one is Persian, they like a certain type of lip gloss or lipstick, but that is not the case. In fact, as someone who is Persian, I can tell you that I enjoy an array of different types of glosses and sticks that go beyond the expected cosmetic quo of Middle Eastern Beauty. For the Persian inspired makeup look, I am going to use a natural nude colored matte lipstick, followed by a pink shimmer, yet frosty gloss.

A very great natural and subtle lipstick is Bloom lipstick in Sheer Pout, as it is very subtle and definitely possesses the actual lip look that makes a great base. After you have decided on a lipstick shade, you want to begin by lining the lips with a liner that is a shade darker. When I say "darker" I don't mean using a dark brown liner with fair skin and pink lips. I mean a shade darker to the lipstick product you chose. Once you have lined the lips, take a lip brush and blend the color into the lips. After you have blended the lip liner into the lips, you want to apply the naturally colored nude matte shade of lipstick. You can blot and then re-apply. The goal is to coat the lips, as you keep them moisturized.

Once you have applied the lipstick, it is time to apply the lip gloss. The lip gloss should be a light pink yet natural looking rose with a hint of shimmer. A great lip gloss that I recommend is Wet-n-Wild's Megaslick Lip gloss in Sinless. You want to apply this lip gloss generously to the lips. You can blot the lip gloss, but if you do, it is important to re-apply if you are looking for a more intense color.

The great news is, you have accomplished the Persian inspired makeup look. Now it is time to embrace it, as well as, enjoy it. Enshallah! Omidvaram rooze khoobi dashte bashid. Falan khodahafez joons!