Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Look at the 7 Most Popular and Different Types of Eyeliner

Afshar Beauty's Kajal Liner in Paradise Siyah.
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Eyeliner is one of the hottest beauty essentials in the world today. More than likely a vast majority of women that make up status quo society will have this necessity in their beauty bag. With everything from pencil, retractable, liquid, kajal, powder, kohl, cream, and gel, eyeliner remains to be the ultimate makeup necessity. Eyeliner is used to simply make your eyes stand out or "pop". Applying eyeliner is simple, so today I am demonstrate 7 different types of eyeliner.

7. Powder. Out of all of the eyeliners, the powder application is the least complex. The best individual makeup looks created using the powder eyeliner are the smoky eye inspired makeup looks, as well as, the exotic makeup looks that are inspired by Africa, Asia, South America, and Eurasia.

6. Liquid. Some of the best makeup is inspired by the 20s, 30s, and 40s era. Although application varies, liquid liner is relatively simple. Most of the time the liquid liner is used to create timeless inspired makeup looks influenced by some of the beautiful female classic celebrities of the past 30s-40s era such as Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner.

5. Pencil/Retractable. These are the most common eyeliners, which make them incredibly flexible. Whether you want to line the outer or inner part of your eye, you can do so with both the pencil and retractable eyeliners. You can create just about any inspired makeup look with the pencil/retractable eyeliners.

4. Kohl. Even though the kohl liner is similar to the pencil and retractable eyeliners, it tends to be a little thicker and more cream based than both. The best eye makeup looks created with kohl liners are definitely the smoky eye looks or any makeup inspired look using a lot of smudging towards the outer corners of the eye. The kohl is also great for lining both the waterlines.

3. Cream. When it comes to cream eyeliner, there is simply no limit. After you apply it, it dries immediately after. It comes in a variety of colors and formulas. The cream liner is used to create an array of eye looks that range from a simple smoky eye to a classic inspired makeup look.

2. Kajal. Some of the best kept secrets are influenced by foreign cultures and the kajal eyeliner is no exception. The kajal liner is a kohl liner comes together in a huge point. It's primary function is to line not just around the eyes, but the waterlines too. The kajal liner is used to create exotic eyes which are heavily influenced by the Middle East and Eurasian cultures.

1. Gel. If you are looking to achieve just about any type of eyeliner style, you cannot go wrong with the gel liner. It goes incredibly smooth, yet light. It is not visible like the cream, but tends to dry instantaneously. You can easily fix mistakes. The gel eyeliner is used to create everything from a cat eye inspired makeup look to even an Arabic eye inspired makeup look.

The Body Shop: The Body and Leg Shine

The Body and Leg Shine by
The Body Shop.
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The Body Shop is an internationally known cosmetic company that emphasizes the natural concept, so every product available is made with only natural ingredients. I love the Body Shop because the company is very big on animal rights and also makes great products.

Recently, when shopping at The Body Shop, I was influenced to purchase the Body and Leg Shine. After contemplating the idea of the overall niche the product delivered, I was convinced to try it.


When it comes to my skin type, I am combination, but I lean more toward oily in the summer months. I noticed that after applying this and going out in the sun, it did not fade away. I also noticed that when working out, it did not smear off and make a mess like others I have used. It is definitely a long-lasting product.

When it comes to the Body and Leg Shine at The Body Shop, there are numerous reasons it is a wonderful product. It is primarily made up natural ingredients, which are not only safe but healthy too. Some of them include aloe vera gel, hibiscus flower extract, leaf oil, mica, orange oil, sabdariffa extract, lemon oil, black pepper oil, water and more.

It is available in two shades. 01 is the Light & Medium shade, and 02 is the Medium & Dark shade. I am an NC42 in MAC cosmetics. I have tried both 01 and 02 and found that the 02 shows up better on me. If you have a light complexion and you use the 02 shade, you will end up with streaks.

Although I love using this on my legs, I also use it on my arms, shoulders, back, stomach and neckline, as well as, decollete. It is a multi-use product, which makes it another reason to love it.


I would not recommend this product to anyone who has an extremely deep skin tone. Although it may keep your skin moisturized, it will not be visible or show up.

RATING - 90 %

You can purchase The Body and Leg Shine for $18.50, but it is currently on sale for about $8. It is available at your nearest Body Shop retailer or the official store, as well as the website. Would I recommend this product to a friend? Absolutely. Would I use this product again? Most definitely. In fact, I already have. If you are looking for naturally, yet subtle ways to enhance your skin, you cannot go wrong with the Body and Leg Shine.