Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Amiclubwear

Amiclubwear is a leading online retailer of fashionable and contemporary apparel, shoes, and accessory items. Not only do they offer some of the best deals on the world wide web, they also offer some of the best customer service too. 

Some of the deals going on for Black Friday, as well as, Cyber Monday are...

Get 40% off your entire purchase (excludes pleaser shoes, doorbusters, clearance items) Use code: AMISARAH.
Get 55% off your entire purchase. Use code: CYBER55.
$2.99 Doorbusters. (Updated daily)
Free shipping on all orders over $50. Use code: AMISHIPPED.

Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter for not only more savings, but for your chance to win $500.

Sales vary, but at Amiclubwear you can get shoes for only $5.99, sometimes even less (and I am not kidding). If you do the math after discounts, you are only spending a few bucks on a pair of shoes. With over 2,000 items added on a daily basis, the Clearance section is updated daily which allows you to save up to 90% off. And if you check out the doorbuster deals, you are guaranteed even more savings. One time I found a $50 pair of shoes for only $2.99.

In fact, these shoes were only $20.49. 6.5 inch heels never looked so haute. And these shoes are still in stock, I do believe. I know the black shoes in this color are. I wonder how much they will cost on Black Friday, November 27, 2015 or on Cyber Monday, November 30, 2015. One thing is certain, I know where I will be on Friday and the following Monday.
To get started shopping at Amiclubwear, simply click here right now.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Clarisonic

I remember a few years ago when I suffered from acne. It was one of the worst kinds and it was not pretty. In fact, it was damaging to me physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. I tried numerous products and most of them failed until I discovered the Clarisonic...

Mia 2. Not only does this device work to treat and correct my skin, it helps with preventing such problems from happening again. My skin is also softer and a lot more radiant since using the Mia 2. I use it twice a day. Only 20 seconds on my forehead, 20 seconds on my nose, 20 seconds on my chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek (20 seconds total).

Aside from being lightweight, it's quite equipped (comes with brush head, travel case, sample sized cleanser, and charger), so traveling with it is very easy. In fact, I take this with me everywhere I go. Plus you can choose your color too. And to top things off, it comes with a 2 year warranty, so if something were to happen, you can have it replaced instantaneously.

For Black Friday (November 27, 2015) and Cyber Monday (November 30, 2015) Clarisonic is having a lot of great deals that you don't want to miss.

Clarisonic Mia First is only $99.
Free shipping. Free returns.

Also, register right now at Clarisonic and get $25 off your purchase of $50 or more. Also, when you purchase two devices at once, you will receive complimentary gifts.

Clarisonic always offers free shipping. They also offer free returns and guarantees, so if you use one of their devices and decide it isn't right for you, you can return it within 90 days of your purchase.

 Clarisonic's mission is rather simple as they promise to deliver only advanced and clinically proven products that make a clear difference in skin care. As a proud owner of the Clarisonic Mia, I can actually say that they live up their promise. Clarisonic promises to transform your skin and they do just that.

To get started shopping at Clarisonic, simply click here or click the banner below...

Sephora’s Mini Shopping Bag Makeup Palette: A Wonderful Gift for Just $15

Sephora's Mini Shopping
Bag Makeup Palette.
(Photo by
You just have to love Sephora. Not only is this internationally known beauty boutique novel yet inventive, but it tends to introduce some of the most creative beauty products in the world today. One of the newest products is Sephora's Mini Shopping Bag Makeup Palette.
The Sephora Mini Shopping Bag Makeup Palette is a cute little palette that comes in the form of a Sephora shopping bag. It includes nine exquisite eye shadows, four lovely lip glosses and one beautiful blush. Recently, when shopping on, I had the opportunity to discover this amazing Sephora addition.


When it comes to using a product, how important is the color payoff that is produced? The color payoff produced by the eyeshadows is modestly decent. The eyeshadows are not only pigmented but reasonably long-lasting too. I do not think the eyeshadows are of amazing quality, but they are far from terrible.
I have to admit, the lip glosses in this palette are somewhat pigmented but mainly sheer. They are visible, yet wearable. You can build color to a certain degree. The lip glosses are moisturizing, yet hydrating.
Although I am not a fan of blush, I have to acknowledge that this blush is fairly nice. It is pigmented and does not streak. The color is also natural looking, despite being more cool pink than neutral or warm.
The 14 individual products in Sephora's Mini Shopping Bag Makeup Palette create hundreds of looks. They also cater to just about every skin tone and skin type, making this fabulous Sephora addition gift worthy.

For only $15, you are getting a total of 14 products. If you look at each Sephora product individually in the Mini Shopping Bag Makeup Palette and do the math, it is a $50 value. You are saving $35, more than half of what the product is worth. If that isn't a deal, I don't know what is.


The lip glosses are fairly pigmented, but the color payoff is not incredibly visible. If you are a lip gloss connoisseur or a regular lip gloss fanatic, you may appreciate the lip glosses in this palette, but you will not love them.
It is incredibly small. The value is great though for Sephora products, so it is very hard to complain about that. But if you are expecting a big- or even regular-sized palette filled with 14 Sephora essentials for under $20, don't get your hopes up. This palette is small, kind of on the same wavelength as a travel-sized palette. In theory, you get what you pay for.

RATING - 87 %

You can purchase Sephora's Mini Shopping Bag Makeup Palette for $15 at your nearest Sephora. You can also purchase it from the official Sephora website Although it is a new item, it is a limited edition item so once it is gone, it is gone. Whether you are looking for a high-end stocking stuffer or even a last minute gift for under $20, you cannot go wrong. I think anyone who receives this will love it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For those looking to save money this holiday season...

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Holidays 2011: Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes at Sephora

Sephora is an internationally known beauty boutique that allows you to purchase some of the finest cosmetics in the world today. Whether you love just one brand or want variety, Sephora is guaranteed to have it all. The holidays are approaching and as we get closer and closer to the time, so does the demand to try and find a great gift. There are so many amazing eyeshadow palettes in the beauty world right now, however; there are only a few worthy of being the best. I have decided to narrow down the many eyeshadow palettes available at Sephora for the holidays to only the top 5 best of 2011.

5. LORAC Starry-Eyed Baked Eyeshadow Trio. The holidays are exciting and what better way to celebrate the love for the holidays then with LORAC’s Starry-Eyed Baked Eyeshadow Trio. There are 6 individual trio palettes to choose from, so you don’t have just one stand-alone palette. My favorite is definitely Popstar followed by Superstar. Each individual trio comes with 3 beautiful baked eyeshadows that can be applied dry or wet. They are incredibly pigmented, as well, so the other payoff is amazing. Each eyeshadow is guaranteed to work as a contour, an eyeliner, and a highlighter. This palette creates an array of looks too. You can purchase LORAC’s Starry-Eyed Baked Eyeshadow Trio at your nearest Sephora or on the official website for just $26.

4. Tarte Rising Star Palette. Can you believe that it is 2011 and the holidays are forthcoming? What a better way to celebrate then with Tarte’s latest limited edition palette, the Rising Star. The Tarte Rising Star Palette includes 12 beautiful shimmering eyeshadows, two Amazonian clay blushes, one park avenue princess bronzer, one clay shimmering powder, and two applicators. In a nutshell, you are getting over $270 worth of products for the bargain price of just $29. If this isn’t an amazing deal, I don’t know what else is. Tarte is a natural cosmetic brand, using products that are free of synthetics (whether dye or fragrance) and parabens. You can purchase the Tarte Rising Star Palette on the official website, as it is exclusively available online. It is limited edition, so get it before goes. The holidays are approaching and whether you are looking to purchase this palette for your mother, your daughter, your sister, your best friend, or even yourself, the time is now to do so.

3. Guerlain Terre Indigo 4-Shade Eyeshadow Palette. When it comes to choosing a great eyeshadow palette, there are many traits one must look at in doing so. One of them is quality. Guerlain is known for their excellence in the beauty world, making all of their products quality. This palette includes 3 gorgeous eyeshadow shades (vibrant orange, intense blue, and deep brown), along with a stunning golden arabesque (a pale golden brown). This fabulous palette creates an array of looks that truly make a statement. This incredible Guerlain addition is limited edition and exclusively available online only, so the only place to get it is at It costs $59 and it ships for free. If you are looking for the perfect high-end eyeshadow palette, this is definitely the one. It creates an avowal and in the end, that is all that matters.

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette. What really makes an amazing eyeshadow palette? Not just quality, but originality and the demand of it’s usage. Let’s not forget the quality of the products and how one can relate to it’s use. If you are searching for an incredible eyeshadow palette, I definitely recommend this wonderful addition to Urban Decay. The Urban Decay Naked Palette includes 12 beautiful eyeshadows, the good karma eyeshadow brush, and one travel size eyeshadow primer potion, Urban Decay’s #1 best selling product. Urban Decay does not test on animals, which says a lot about their company and cosmetics. You can purchase Urban Decay’s Naked Palette at your nearest Sephora for just $48. It is also available on I own this palette and absolutely love it. I would recommend this eyeshadow palette to anyone and believe that anyone who receives this as a gift will not only love it, but appreciate too.

…and the number one eyeshadow palette available at Sephora for the holidays 2011 is…

*drum roll*

1. Sephora Collection Makeup Studio Blockbuster. After doing my research, I have come to the conclusion that the best eyeshadow palette available at Sephora during the holidays 2011 is definitely Sephora’s very own Makeup Studio Blockbuster. The Sephora Collection Makeup Blockbuster palette includes: 96 individual eyeshadows in various shades and finishes, 84 shiny lip glosses, 6 cream eyeliners (which can also be used as eyeshadows), 2 eyeliner pencils, 3 beautiful blushes, 1 mascara, 1 bronzer, and 4 individual applicators. A total of 193 products in on palette guaranteed to create over 10,000 individual beauty looks. This palette also stands on two legs and includes several different drawers. Can you imagine? And it only gets better! This is a $440 value for under $50. It is only $49.50. You can purchase the Sephora Collection Makeup Studio Blockbuster palette at your nearest Sephora, as well as, on the official website This is limited edition, so get it before it is sold out. I am so excited for the holidays and I am really hoping that this is under the tree for me this year. Don’t settle for less, get the best and get it while you can.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Afshar Beauty's manufacturer sent me this to try and purchase for my cosmetic company If you are looking for a great way to whiten your teeth, I recommend this device. It's not only simple, but incredibly compact and of course, effective. Unfortunately does not whiten veneers or false teeth, just natural teeth. It truly does work and guess what? I will be giving away 10 of them FREE. Details coming soon. Stay tuned!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Look at the Best Holiday 2011 Gifts by Philosophy Beauty

I love Philosophy!
(Photo by Sarah Afshar)
Philosophy is a beauty brand that emphasizes on not only skin care, but bath & body too. In fact, Philosophy is well known for possessing some of the best quality bath & body products in the world today. The holidays are approaching and what a better time then now to purchase some of the newest, hottest products Philosophy has to offer. Philosophy is filled with an array of amazing gifts, however; I have decided to narrow down the many Philosophy gifts to only the best Philosophy gifts for 2011.

When it comes to the holidays, there are absolutely no limits to what one can buy. However; if you can find a fun, original gift that the recipient is destined to not only love, but appreciate much more so that is even better. Especially a gift anyone can use. If you are searching for the perfect gift, you cannot go wrong with the Frosty In The Air Trio set. The Frosty In The Air Trio set includes three, 6 oz. decadent frosty 3-in-1s (and in case you are wondering what Philosophy’s 3-in-1 products are, they are basically an amazing shower gel, bubble bath, and shampoo morphed into one product). These frosty fragrances include: Ginger Berry Frost (if you can imagine ginger, with a hint of berry and creamy vanilla), Sugar Plum Frost (a sweet plum with a hint of creamy vanilla), and Fresh Vanilla Frost (a very light, yet faint vanilla with a creamy undertone). I love all three, which is why I have chosen to buy this gift set for myself. The Frosty In The Air Trio gift sells for $25 and is available at your nearest Sephora, as well as, Philosophy retailer. The Frosty In The Air Trio set is also available on the official website too. Whether a gift for your mother, your sister, your lover, your significant other, or even yourself, this is a wonderful one.

It came upon a midnight clear that it is very clear that the Candy Cane Trio set by Philosophy is one of the best gifts to give this holiday season. The Candy Cane Trio set comes with one, 4 oz. Candy Cane 3-in-1 (shower gel, bubble bath, and bubble bath morphed into one product), one, 2 oz. Candy Cane Body Lotion, and one, 0.5 oz. Candy Cane flavored Lip Shine. The Candy Cane fragrance smells natural, yet subtle. It is definitely a scent that reminds you of the holidays. It is not overpowering like other bath & body products I have tried and truly makes a great gift to anyone who receives it. The Candy Cane Trio is available at Sephora or your nearest Philosophy retailer for just $22. You can find the Candy Cane Trio also on the official website. Christmas is approaching faster then ever. If you intend to give this gift to your mother or even father, your sister or even brother, your best friend or even your boyfriend, they are going to love it. Looking for a last minute gift? This is the one.

Can you believe that Christmas, as well as, Kwanzaa and Hanukah are approaching? The holidays are the best time in the year and what a better way to celebrate this amazing time with the perfect gift. If you are looking for an amazing gift by Philosophy, I definitely recommend the Sweet Kisses & Merry Wishes gift set. The Sweet Kisses & Merry Wishes gift set includes: four individual 2 oz. 3-in-1s (shower gel, bubble bath, and shampoo morphed into one product) and four individual, 0.5 oz. Lip Shines. The scents/flavors included in this gift are: Old Fashioned Eggnog (the essence of nutmeg with vanilla and a subtle creamy vanilla undertone), Peppermint Bark (sweet peppermint with a hint of vanilla), Sugar Sprinkles Funnel Cake (a sweet, yet subtle essence of funnel cake with a hint of vanilla), and Pomegranate Bubbly (pomegranate with the essence of a subtle ale). Sweet Kisses & Merry Wishes set is available for $36 at your nearest Sephora or Philosophy Beauty retailer. This wonderful gift is also available on the official website too. It is a $70 value and limited edition, so it is very important to get this gift while you can. The thing you have to appreciate most about any gift by Philosophy is the idea that it comes from the heart. My mother doesn’t know it yet, but this is one of the gifts I am getting her for Christmas.

When it comes to choosing a fabulous holiday gift, there are a lot of things to contemplate. The first question should always be “Could they use this?” and although one of the best parts of receiving a gift usually involves the actual fun and glory of not only giving it and receiving it, but experiencing it. That is one of the reasons why I love Philosophy beauty. They always manage to create gifts that you not only want, but actually do need and use, as a result. One of the best gifts to give is definitely The Marshmallows For Toasting Trio set. The set includes: one, 4 oz. 3-in-1 (if you can imagine a shower gel, bubble bath, and shampoo in one product, this is what the 3-in-1 is), one, 2 oz. Body Lotion, and one, 0.5 oz. Lip Shine. The Marshmallow scent/flavor is so much like a marshmallow, it is incredible. It is also subtle, natural, and of course, long-lasting. The Marshmallows For Toasting Trio set is available at your nearest Sephora or Philosophy retailer for just $22. You can also purchase this gift on the official website, which makes it convenient for those that do not live near a Sephora or Philosophy retailer. Why not give your mother, your daughter, your sister, your BFF, your cousin, your teacher, your mother-in-law, your sister-in-law, etc. this gift, this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Searching for a gift can be overwhelming, as it can be tiresome. The idea of getting a gift is putting effort into how much a person could actually use it. I don’t know about you, but I think a vast majority of people can use the Sugar Plum Frost set. The Sugar Plum Frost set includes: one, 8 oz. 3-in-1 (shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gel morphed into one product) and one, 0.5 oz. Lip Shine. If you can imagine the smell of fresh plums with a hint of sugar and creamy vanilla, you are going to imagine an amazingly incredible scent. I love the idea that although the scent/flavor is prevalent, it is not overpowering. The Sugar Plum Frost set is available at your nearest Sephora or Philosophy retailer, as it is also available on the official website too. It is just $18. For under $20, you just cannot go wrong with this gift. The children were all nestled all snug in their beds. While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads. Whether you are an adult or a child, you are destined to love the Sugar Plum Frost set.

The Gingerbread House set includes: one, 8 oz. Gingerbread Girl Foaming Bubble Bath and one, 8 oz. Gingerbread Man Shower Gel. The Gingerbread Girl is sweeter than the Gingerbread Man, but both are sweet. The cloves are more noticeable in the Gingerbread Man fragrance, as the vanilla is more pronounced in the Gingerbread Girl. I enjoy them both, which is why I recommend this gift. The Gingerbread House set is available at your nearest Sephora or Philosophy retailer for just $12. You can also buy it from the official website, as well. It is originally $20, so in the a nutshell you are saving $8. This is not only a great gift, but a fun gift too. Can you believe that December 25th 2011 is almost here?

I love Christmas and what better way to enjoy the holidays (and not just Christmas, but Hanukah and Kwanzaa too) then with the gift of Philosophy.