Thursday, August 30, 2012

Perfume Reviews: FAME by Lady Gaga

Fragrance and chemistry is like Coffee and mornings, they just go together. One of the things I love about visiting the fragrance counter is discovering new fragrances that possess an array of notes that work together to create memories. Have you ever smelled something so memorable? Fragrance creates just that.

Recently, when smelling an array of fragrances and Eau De Parfums at Herberger's, I had the opportunity to smell one of the newest fragrances by the legendary pop princess herself, Lady Gaga. It is called FAME. What did I think?


If you are in search of the perfect balance of a fruity yet sheer floral fragrance, I truly recommend FAME by Lady Gaga, as it provides with you just that.

The overall bottle is very "Gaga" as it provides you with packaging that represents her as an artist. The formula inside is the only "black" fluid perfume in the market, making it insanely original.

The combination of the individual scents in this fragrance are so audacious that you would just think they wouldn't work, however; all of the notes come together to create a very original fragrance that smells amazing on everyone I have smelled it on, including myself.

The individual notes include: apricots, incense, honey drops, belladonna, tiger orchidea, and jasmin sambac. When I first had the opportunity to smell FAME, I did notice an array of notes and scents that stood out. The honey stood out the most, followed by the apricots. After I noticed these particular notes, I started to pick up on the incense, the jasmin, the belladonna, the orchid, and then finally saffron.


I noticed that when you spray this fragrance on clothes, it leaves a very faded dark mark. The actual formula is not clear, so if you intend to spray your gorgeous white wedding dress with this fragrance, you may want to think twice before doing so. Instead, apply it to your wrists, neck, or anywhere on the skin you want to smell like FAME.

Although it is relatively long-lasting, it doesn't have a lot of staying power compared to most that I have used. It is also moderately light too, so if you are expecting drama or anything exotic from the legendary, avante garde "Mother Monster" you are just going to be let down.

RATING - 90%

Overall, I truly found that FAME reminded me of Poison by Dior, but not as strong. Despite being indistinctive and somewhat forgettable, I have to admit though, I was very impressed with this perfume because of the actual combinations of notes that work together to create an astonishing acquired fragrance that isn't overpowering. FAME is empowering, yes, but not overpowering. "Balmy" just may be the best way to describe this fragrance. I also think it is mysterious, and most importantly, it is fabulous. 

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NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner

NYX Cosmetics is an internationally known beauty brand that makes a statement using some of the most original, yet universal shades in the world today. They are also extremely affordable to the average beauty user, so they work on just about everyone who is on a budget. I discovered them over 5 years ago when searching for a good quality eyeshadow for an affordable price.

Recently, I had the opportunity to use one of NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liners. What did I think? Well...


First and foremost, the thing that I love most about NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner is the fact that it is a great multi-use product. Although this product does work as a great stand alone liner, it also works as a stand alone eyeshadow and eyeshadow base and depending on the shade you purchase, you can use it on your face as a luminizer or blush. It even works great on the lips.

The colors are amazing because there are so many of them. This, by default, makes the product not only extremely universal, but a lot of fun too. There are a total of 25 colors that I know of and the colors range from "604 Milk" (or often referred to as just "milk") which is an intense white to "603 Pots and Pans"(or just called "Pots and Pans") which is a very vibrant silver grey to "611 Yogurt" (or Yogurt) which is a very subtle rose gold shimmer and more. Yogurt is actually one of my personal favorite shades because it's extremely universal.

If you are looking to save money and are on a budget, you will not only love NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner, but appreciate much more so. The prices vary, but are usually under $5. Something to value at a good value.

I was very impressed with the quality of NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liners simply because of the actual value of them. I have tried some high end products (who will remain nameless at this time) that were of the same quality that were about 3-5 times more expensive.


If you do not use an eyeshadow primer before applying this product, you will notice that they will tend to flake off your lid and kind of build with a modest amount of fall out under your eye. It is the most noticeable in the darker shades like Black Bean, Slate, and Dark Brown.

These products tend to dry out, especially if you neglect to use them. You cannot prevent your cosmetics from drying out, but you can prevent them from drying out quickly or instantaneously. After applying the cap, store this product in a climate that will prevent this from happening sooner.

RATING - 84%

Would I use this product again? Yes. Would I recommend this product to a friend? Absolutely. Especially if you are on a budget. They say you always get what you pay for (which is true, most of the time) however; I believe there are those minor exceptions to the rule and this product is definitely one of them.

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