Monday, September 24, 2012

Free deluxe sized sample of Smashbox Lipgloss

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1. Legendary lipstick
2. Sunscreen
3. Photo finish hydrating under eye primer
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top 5 reasons to love Advanced Night Repair

Advanced Night Repair
5. It is one of the few serums on the planet that is guaranteed for all ethnicities. Whether you are an African woman or a Caucasian woman or even an Asian or Latina woman, whether you are Indian, Pakistani, Saudi, or are not going to find a serum this good in any other version.

4. This serum possess an array of ingredients that are connected to 20 patents. It is non-comedogenic and works to repair acne damage and prevent it from happening again, hydrating the skin's natural moisture barrier. Why do I know this? Because I went through weeks upon weeks suffering from such problematic acne. After using this serum for less than a week, my skin cleared up almost instantaneously. With all of the money I spent on high end skin care, I wish I would have discovered this product sooner.

3. It is guaranteed to make you look younger by your next birthday. A recent study proved that in just one year, over 75% of women noticed improvement in skin clarity and in skintone. Skin will also show over 66% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. After using Advanced Night Repair for 365 days, you will see real results.

2. This serum alone owns 20 patents worldwide, which are in connection with the 30 years of research. Advanced Night Repair delivers real results, while preventing them from occuring again. You can find several serums that will correct, but then you will notice it doesn't last long before another problematic issue occurs again. This amazing addition to Estee Lauder works to not only correct these problematic issues, but works to prevent the skin, while maintaining your skin's natural moisture.

1. With 30 years of ground breaking innovation, Advanced Night Repair proves to not only repair your skin from various DNA damage (Smoking, Pollution, UVA/UVB, Emotional Stress, Irritation, Toxins, etc), but hydrates it and prevents it from happening. This serum uses bona-fide DNA technology to trigger the real causes of DNA damage. No other serum in the beauty market will do this.

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