Friday, July 31, 2015

Tips for preventing makeup meltdowns this Summer

Nothing is more annoying than suffering from the infamous makeup meltdown during the summer season. Not only is makeup meltdown aesthetically unappealing, it can create clogged pores, blackheads, and even promote acne. The great news is, there are several ways to avoid this tribulation during the next few months. Continue reading now. Just click here.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

OAXIS launches Smart Wellness line on Pozible

For those of you that do not know, OAXIS is all about empowering those looking to life healthy and happy. Although they are known for their electronic products and services, they have recently proved that dipping into the health and wellness category is as unique as what they have created. Combining modern technology and an active lifestyle, OAXIS has managed to create some of the greatest products including those available through their newest Smart Wellness line.
OAXIS’ body analyzer, Bluetooth water bottle, and fitness bands can be ordered now on Pozible and will be available for purchase at in September. You can also enter the giveaway today, for the chance to win these amazing OAXIS additions.

The OAXIS Wellness line is available now until Saturday, August 15th. For more information about the OAXIS Smart Wellness line, simply click here right now.

Made in America Jewelry from Visible Interest

Visible Interest is an online jeweler that consists of modern pieces created by indie jewelers. With up to 20 pieces per jewelry, they are quite selective when it comes to individual pieces that they offer. Whether you are looking for luxury pieces or simply something fashionably en vogue, you are destined to not only love Visible Interest, but appreciate this place for what it is worth.
You can shop by category, by look, and by price. You can also check out designer profiles where you can not only learn about the indie designers, but actually see whether or not their pieces interest you.
Visible Interest is currently offers the following deals:
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Free ground shipping.

I really love Visible Interest, as the pieces are unique as those that not only love them, but appreciate them. As much as I love the luxury jewelry here, I am a huge fan of the fashionable jewelry.
To get started shopping at Visible Interest, simply click here or click the banner below...

Visible Interest