Friday, November 18, 2016

Best in Beauty 2016: Brush Sets

Motives 15-piece Pro Brush Set
Makeup brushes allow you to put your best face forward. Enhancing your makeup routine, there is nothing like the gift of a good face. A good face created with the right set of brushes, that is. A brush set is very much like a palette and allows you to achieve an array of makeup looks. As high-quality is important, so is the ability to consistently deliver effortless and flawless application. Don't you agree? So, what are the best? What are the best makeup brush sets of 2016?

1. Motives 15-piece Pro Brush Set - What I love most about this brush set is the fact that it offers not one, not two, but 15 brushes. Not only does this set include a powder brush, it includes a sculpter brush, a contour brush, an eye contour brush, a sweeping contour brush, a fan brush, a blush brush, a concealer brush, a large eye shadow brush, an angled liner/brow brush, a brow groomer, a crease brush, a spoolie, and even a smudger brush in a beautifully crafted black zippered pouch. As this set is 100% synthetic, it is the perfect set for serious makeup enthusiasts looking to use decent starter brushes.  

2. Artis Elite Smoke Collection 3 Brush Set - When a brush is consistent, it makes it better; however, it's evident by any makeup lover that all great things come in pairs or perhaps 3s. The Artis brand is one of those consistent brands that is constantly delivering amazing brushes and this set is no exception. This set includes the Oval 4 brush, the Linear 1 brush and the Circle 1 brush. Made with CosmeFibre, this brush set is nothing short of amazing.

3. Iconic London New EVO Complete Makeup Brush Face Set - When you are a makeup artist or even a lover of makeup, an amazing brush set is a must. The brushes feature an oval head with a diamond-shaped body. This particular brush set includes six unique Iconic London exclusives that work for every part of your face. As this brush set is perfect for makeup lovers and Iconic London enthusiasts, it is clearly one of the best brush sets of 2016.

It is official, the Sigma Beauty 'Best of Sigma Beauty' Brush Set has been taking over the internet one mention at a time. This set features seven Sigma exclusives, as it includes a Kabuki brush, a flat angled brush, a concealer brush, a shader brush, a crease brush, an utility brush, and a smudge brush. There has been quite a buzz about this particular makeup brush set than any other, making it the most buzzed about makeup brush set in cyberspace.


With a total of 200 votes, 95 of you voted for the Artis Elite Smoke 10 Brush Set. As part of the "expert set" this amazing brush set is ideal for virtually every makeup fanatic under the sun. Thank you to everyone who voted.


When examining the hashtags #brushsets and #makeupbrushsets the Iconic London New EVO Complete Makeup Brush Face Set is the most popular brush set right now. 

"I am obsessed with both Artis brush sets and Iconic London brush sets. I can't get enough. I feel like they are the only brushes that I grab when I do my makeup. My clients love them too." - Paula Smith

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